South Africa vs New Zealand | T20 | Johannesburg | 23/11/2007

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Sep 27, 2006
SA 10 T20 played - won 6
NZ 11 T20 played - won 6 and 1 tie

South Africa won the toss and elected to field first

South Africa : GC Smith, JH Kallis, JP Duminy, AB de Villiers, MV Boucher, SM Pollock, JA Morkel, VD Philander, J Botha, CK Langeveldt, DW Steyn

Kemp their second highest T20 scorer not in the team

New Zealand: BB McCullum, L Vincent, JM How, RL Taylor, SB Styris, GJ Hopkins, DL Vettori, KD Mills, MR Gillespie, JS Patel, MJ Mason
should be a good game.. SAF are clear favourites to win!! T20 my fav version of the game.
7-0 after 2 overs
still waiting over that elusive boundary!

Edit: OUT the very next ball, huge blow for NZ Mccullum gone!

2.2 Pollock to McCullum, OUT, shot! But caught! He absolutely nailed that on the front foot; a crunching, satisfying crack of the bat, but the ball found cover who didn't need to move a muscle, taking an easy catch in front of his nose

2.1 Pollock to McCullum, 6 runs, bang. Too short, too straight and pulled in front of square for six! Top shot
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McCullum pulls Pollock for a six
Next ball ct at cover
NZ 14-1 after 2.2 overs
Steyn bowling well. Ball has bounce and moving off the pitch. Edge and goes between WK and 1st slip for four. I think someone did get a hand to it
NZ 27-1 after 3.2
How trying to go over mid off but gets ct off Pollock.
NZ 34-2 after 5
4.6 Pollock to How, OUT, gone this time. Poor shot; he tried to smack this over long-on but got a leading edge to mid-off who swallowed a simple skier
de Villiers missed the stumps!!! Did i eyes decieve me?!
I've O/D'd on cricket this month - cant take another game in....
Kallis out. Hooks a short ball and ct at fine leg
SA 6-1 after 2 overs
G Smith out ct behind off Mills
SA 33-2 after 5 overs - need 97 from 90 balls
3 balls before this Duminy was dropped by McCullum
Mills drops ABCDE at long off
SA 47-2 after 7 overs - need 83 from 78 balls
Duminy stumped off Vettori
SA 64-3 after 9 overs - need 66 from 66 balls
NZ fielding has been bad all year now. Worse than Pakistan in taking catches. Boucher dropped at mid on by Gillespie. a simple chance
Now NZ misses a simple runout chance. the person at the wicket didn't collect a good throw from boundary and the batsman was out of the crease by a foot
SA 88-3 after 12 - need 42 from 48 balls
Boucher LBW off Patel. unlucky there as the ball was high and may have hit outside the line
SA 89-4 after 12.3
Philander runout - Previous ball ABCDE could have been but the good thing for SA is he is on strike now
SA 124-7 - need 6 from 4 balls
Philander run out 6 off 4 needed now, not another South African choke is it?
Raz said:
Philander run out 6 off 4 needed now, not another South African choke is it?

I think we have taken over the chokers tag from them
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