South Africa vs West Indies | 3rd ODI | Port Elizabeth |27/1/08


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Jun 1, 2001
South Africa vs West Indies | 3rd ODI | Port Elizabeth | 27/1/08

Windies off to a good start 86 for 1 from 21 overs.
SA fight back and the Windies are now 114 for 3 from 30 overs.
Hey, Saj, I think you are living in the 80's ... that is a sloooooooooow start. :)

Currently 116/3 i.e. run rate of 3.74. Even Kallis bats faster than that. :p
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114 off 30 is slow on most pitches.

Windies will be under pressure here to move things along without trying to lose more wickets.
Eish, nothing is worse than seeing Bouch standing at the wickets to Polly. No wonder he is retiring. :)
How quick is Morkel bowling, cricinfo has him down as right arm fast!
South Africa 193/3 at the moment off 39 overs. Kallis playing very well (yet again) on 87* guiding the Proteas to the victory by the looks of it. Samuels with a very good all round game with 1/38 off 10 overs to go along with his 98.
SAF 3-0 and win the ODI series. I am trying to persuade the handbag to go watch the final game at the Wanderers.

It will be Polly's last, but that is beyond my wife's understanding.