--kocking service --SS KP & SS SMASHER


Jun 17, 2013
hi guys..
I bought these bats from
SS KP & SS Smasher
the bats are good but guess what the knocking service they have is the worst ever you can do to your bats from not i mean DOOO NOTT evr buy from them they have no follow up with custmers and will leave you standed till you make a big fuss about it.

they have so called service manager Rohit and believe me he has no clue about service and also cricket..he said we over oil the bat so that it doesnt break...the oiling was soo much that it was like a layer of glue on the bottom of toe guard, on the sticker and guess what they had dry spot where no oil was applied on the face. I could write more but no time..But take my advise never buy from here again.


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