Sri Lanka Premier League| 20/08/12 | Commentary & Discussion


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Jun 17, 2011
Intresting Matches Coming Up Today

Ruhuna Royals Vs Kandurata Warriors

Ruhuna : Malinga , Afridi , Wahab Riaz , Nasir Jamshed , Finch , Jerome Taylor
Kandurata : Misbah, Ajmal , Tanvir, Jaysuriya , Perera , Samaraveera

Big Match Wayamba United vs Nagenahira Nagas

Wayamba : Mahela, Kamran , Umar Ak, Mahmood, Hafeez , Tamim, Razzaq
Nagenahira : Nazir, Shehzad , Travis Birt , Matthews , Mendis, Mushfiqur Rahim
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Sri Lanka Premier League, Aug 20th | Discussion and Commentary Thread

Two matches today. :murali

Kundurata Warriors v Ruhuna Royals (LIVE)

Nagenahira v Wayamba U (20:00 local | 14:30 GMT
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looks like no one watching the match
celbrating eid or sad of pakistan loss :iqasim
afridi dint celebrate nor any emotion , he was more sad on misbahs dismissal :))
Can anyone tell me what's Jayasuriya's score this season?? I mean Sanath jayasuriya.

P.S:- There are so many similar named players in SL that I really get confused :facepalm:
Sohail Tanvir having awesome time in Srilanka.
Start with a wicket maiden. :)
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27* from 9 balls 1four 3six 300.00SR Afridi in batting action :) He has to save his reputation here, if he really intending to join IPL next season.
Brilliant bowling by Tanvir! :14:

Ajmal's wicket of Afridi was maybe the turning point.

Next game is Nagas v Wayamba starting in 30 minutes, looking for some good performances by Nazir, Umar Akmal, Kamran, Hafeez/Razzaq ahead of the T20 WC 2012!
two of best teams ... nagenahira and wayamba should b great game
So Pakistanis playing today: Kamran, Hafeez, Azhar Mahmood (Wayamba); Shehzad (Nagenahira)

Kami off to a good start, already into double figures. :14:
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So Wayamba end up with a massive 190/4 after their 20 overs. Jayawardene played brilliantly for his 96*.

Pakistani players' batting: Hafeez didn't even get a chance to bat. :))) Azhar Mahmood got out for 4, Kamran fell early for 11 this time. So not a good day with the bat for Wayamba's Pakistanis.

Now let's see how Hafeez and Azhar bowl. Also, Kami's wicketkeeping will be something to watch.

Nagas innings begins now, Ahmed Shehzad opens.
Ahmed Shehzad get out for a duck. :)) Chases a wide ball from Isuru Udana. :facepalm:

Jayasundera in now, Nagas 2-1 after the first over.

Azhar Mahmood to bowl now.
Is imran nazirs injury serious?? will he be available for the Australia series?
Azhar gets smacked for 2 boundaries by Travis Birt, 10 off his first over.

Nagas 12/1 after 2 overs.
shehzad is proving selectors right ...
dissapointing :facepalm:

That's the thing. Shehzad is not a consistent batsman. One good knock, and then in the next few games he throws away his wicket.

He has to become a mature and consistent batsman if he wants to be selected for Pakistan.
Hafeez got hit for 2 boundaries, but got the danger-man Birt out as well. NN 38/2 after 5 overs. Hafeez 1-9 after his only over.

Kumara into the attack, replaces Azhar Mahmood.
Dramatic delivery. Smacked high up in the air by Mushfiqur. I thought it'd be a 6, but it landed safely and after the first bounce the fielder put in an excellent dive to haul it back in. The batsmen quickly ran for the 3rd, and the bowler missed a run-out chance. Kami was laughing (because his mates ended up to be just like him). :))

Anyways, 4th wicket falls. now. Nagas 57/4 after 8 overs. Hafeez took the catch of the important 4th wicket of Mushfiqur.

Hafeez's figures still: 1-0-9-1

Mahmood's figures still: 2-0-18-0

Nagas require another 134 off 72 deliveries with 6 wickets remaining. Looks very tough.
Both Shezad and farhat are in a tight race who can get more ducks in the SLPL
It promisses to be a nail bitter finish.

Perera to Perera, no run, stumping missed, Akmal has finally missed one, was going down the track and the batsman did not get a touch, Akmal lets it go. :facepalm:

But Mathews gone. Nagas 66/5 after 10 overs. Defo game over now. Hafeez/Azhar didn't get a single over after that.
Wayamba is pure powerhouse batting team then any others in slpl. Naga crossing SF would be very optimistic.
He was speaking in Urdu and said that SLPL is not on IPL level (which is true but why say this in a mid-match interview) and how PAK players can't play in IPL so they are enjoying in SLPL. He mentioned about IPL at least twice and some foreign commentator actually called him off after his interview that he must be giving excuses for his exclusion from the team. :facepalm:
Hafeez had a good outing today. Didn't get to bat (which is why he had success!), but took 3 catches and took a wicket in his only over (figures were 1-0-9-1).

Overall the Pakistanis that had success today were Hafeez (Wayamba), Saeed Ajmal, Sohail Tanvir (both Kandurata), and partly Afridi (Ruhuna).

Hafeez: DNB, 1-0-9-1, 3 catches

Tanvir: 13 (7), 3.2-1-4-3, 0 catches

Ajmal: 5 (9), 4-0-23-3, 0 catches

Afridi: 36 (16), 3-0-29-1, 0 catches