Sri Lanka v England - [Super 8s/Match 9] - Updates


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Jun 27, 2003
England has won the toss and decided to bowl first

Sri Lanka team
RP Arnold, TM Dilshan, CRD Fernando, ST Jayasuriya, DPMD Jayawardene, SL Malinga, M Muralitharan, KC Sangakkara, LPC Silva, WU Tharanga, WPUJC Vaas

England team
JM Anderson, IR Bell, RS Bopara, PD Collingwood, A Flintoff, EC Joyce, SI Mahmood, PA Nixon, MS Panesar, KP Pietersen, MP Vaughan

Scheduled to start at 2.30 PM BST
There was talk strauss would make comeback....i rate Strauss as englands 2nd best batsman...something must not be right in dressing room..

Who are people supporting?
Sri Lanka for me
Eng win toss and insert Sri Lanka in, unchanged teams for both and probably an unchanged result for England....e.g. they will lose I hope
Balls. Joyce and Mahmood haven't been dropped.
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yeah, very odd looking pitch, but it will play fine according to the comms. Maiden first up from Anderson
Was that out? Could have been bat or back pad.

Promising start.
Poor Sajid...he has bowled alright to be honest, but Jayasuriya is in such good form that he is making his figures look very poor...
Now this would be a nice game to watch! especailly SL batting
Good to see a massive crowd in for such a crucial match
2 boundaries of Anderson.

SL 30-0 off 7 overs
Sri Lanka off to a good start here, 2 boundaries so far in Anderson's over
Jayasuriya, goes for a hook, tok the edge, flew over the keeper for 6!
Congratulations Sanath! 1000 WC runs :14:
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Sanath plays on to his stumps - Saj Mahmood gets him for 25

37-1 off 8 overs
Jayasuriya gone!!!! huge wicket!! dragged the ball on to his stumps
Jayasuriya gone so now I leave for work. Will catch it when Silva and Dilhan are on
Oxy said:
typo guys, typo!
another query to the Pak fans.. If Saj Mahmood was in Pakistan would he have made in to the national team?
Good work by Monty on the boundary - much improved Monty.

Eng bowling quite well on this 'zebra effect' pitch!

dinakar said:
another query to the Pak fans.. If Saj Mahmood was in Pakistan would he have made in to the national team?
No - hes not even an England regular. Besides, he doesnt see himself as a Pakistani and probably NOT want to play for us....
Mahmood 'in the groove' - looking far!
Mahmood would get into the Pakistan team on looks alone...Seriously, why would Mahmood want to play for Pakistan anyway? Just hope he does all us of pakistani origins in England proud just like his cousin Amir Khan...
good to see the producers are cutting away to the women at every moment ;)
66/1 (16)

Tharanga/Sanga batting together.
Ok lets leave the chit chat out of this thread pls.

Score update ?
I'm surprised Sri Lanka aren't trying to force things along a bit more. I know they're probably looking to keep wickets in hand but it looks like a pretty decent pitch to me.

Although no doubt Vaughan will do his best to prove me wrong on that one...
Now the question is, do you let Mahmood bowl out his overs or keep a couple back for the end of the innings? I would let him one more over...
NeVerMind said:
Now the question is, do you let Mahmood bowl out his overs or keep a couple back for the end of the innings? I would let him one more over...

I would finish off with Flintoff & Panesar.
Vaughn has brought on Collingwood but I would have given Mahmood one more over...
I cringe so much when cricketers slide on the sandy stuff.

The risks totally outweigh saving one run.
When is Tharanga planning on hitting a boundary?
There you are first boundary for Tharanga in the 30th over!!!

Excellent stuff. Singles should never be underminded.
Both commentators have been critical of Sri Lanka's batting, especially so of Tharanga. They're going to regret this because Sri Lanka's going to make a big score here and England will have to bat out of their skins to win.
You little ripper Freddie. Bounces Tharanga who hooks it up in the air straight to mid wicket running in.

out for 62 Tharanga, 160/3
Thranga out. partnership of 91 off 101 balls
SL 160-3 after 34.5 overs
Mahela follows.

Collingwood gets him.

Sri Lanka sluggishly move onto 175-4 off 38.4 overs
Things looking good for England at this stage, if the SL middle order cannot fire in these last 10 overs, England should be chasing about 230-240... I backing Malinga to knock a few over early, should be a good match...

I think England is going to lose, if Sri lanka Have scored a low score with only losing a couple of wickets, then it goes to show that this isnt a batsmens wicket!
desidudecool said:
.england will win
Anyone else - perhaps. But this England.

But I agree....poor show by SL after a solid start.
I drafted in Jayasurya and Silva today for my Fantasy Cricket.
its a good batting wicket.i will be really surprised if lankans go on to win from here eventhough they have been bowling well.
Collingwood is unbelievable at backward point. That is another blinder to add to his collection.
Malinga with black batting gloves in. they probably should have sent Murali
srilankans want to join india and pakistan may be.they ll struggle to defend such a low total