Sri Lanka v Pakistan | 5th ODI | Colombo (RPS)| Aug 9, 2009 | SL Innings


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Oct 6, 2004
280 to defend and pride to play for Pakistan.
players walking out onto the field now, come on pakistan.
Need to stick to the basics. No wides/no-balls/misfields etc.
Aamir strikes tharanga on the gloves from his first ball, the ball really reared of the pitch there and tharanga requires help from the physio.
jayawardene off the mark straight away, rather streakily though down to third man. We need to get him out early since hes in good form.
lets get this required rate to above 6, that will give us some momentem!
rana naved doing well by curving the ball into the jayasuriya...that lbw shout seemed out.
so he cant see a straightforward lbw, but hes sharp enough to give a harsh wide? pathetic.
i'm impressed by rana's mane, will have to tell one of my friends who's thinning on top
dirk diggler said:
Pak shouls appeal for evrything tonite!

they will certainly get done for excessive appealing, its pakistan!
4-1 after 2 overs, good start this from both rana and aamir.
let us know, is pakistan giving the mouth back to the lankis?
What the hell was Sanga whining about? He should be the last person to say anything considering he went up for an lbw of a BIG inside edge and got it in his favour and then asking YK to walk when it was clear he didn't edge it?

But Aamer struck, awesome! :p
Great bowling attack today for pakistan, even without Gul
Expecting the short ball on that occasion and rocks back beautifully to put the short one away. Aamir still has a lot to learn.
come on guys.....dont give any loose balls..... keep it tight
4 from jayasuriya...boundaries raining in now, need a wicket asap