Sri Lanka vs New Zealand | 1st Semi-Final | WC'11 | Colombo | 29/03/11

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Mar 15, 2006
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Toss 5 minutes away. Lets hope we have a good game and not one sided affair today.
Sure it wont be one sided.. NZ's Taylor is hoping for a final berth but he has to really work hard if thats to be made reality..

SL on the other hand look well suited to advance..

lets find out
I suspect if Kiwis win the toss and bat 1st here today. They might sneak through to their 1st ever final.
Murali fir to play. SL same side that defeated England in QF.
good toss to win, let's hope Kiwis can put up around 250+

their bowling under lights can be lethal.
Hope Kiwis get at least 230 here and make a game of it. Hoping for. some Malinga wides
Kiwis should win simply due to having the awesomest sounding national anthem.
They have the best jersey too. :)

I hope they can pull off an upset here. Would be awesome to see them in the finals, against all odds.
oh its a semi final match
PAK VS IND has caught everyones attention even the final is not interesting now
Murali is clearly nowhere near fit. He's only playing due to sentimental reasons, hopefully for SL his selection won't come back to bite them.
noticed with sanga he keeps on changing the bowlers nearly over by over i dont know whether its good or bad
kiwis on a roll but i go with the parrot prediction of a sri lanka pakistan final and pakistan winning
not loosing a wicket is key in first 10 overs for new zealand
have to take atleast one wicket in the first 10 overs for sri lanka
Sri Lanka struggling with the bowling.. New Zealand have been playing alot of spin in the past 6 months.. In Bangladesh and India so NZ wont struggle like England..
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