Talent Spotter: Imam-ul-Haq


Test Debutant
Nov 20, 2005
Imam Ul Haq, 16, is a left-handed middle order batsman from Lahore. One of Pakistan’s most promising talents, Imam Ul Haq, is the nephew of the Ex Pakistan captain and batting maestro, Inzamam Ul Haq. Imam first announced himself to the world of cricket in the U19 Asia Cup in 2012, averaging 45 from 5 games including 3 consecutive fifties and 88 in his first game against India, as Pakistan went on to share the trophy with their neighbours.

More recently he was part of Pakistan's U19 campaign in Queensland and he spoke to PakPassion during the tournament.

How I Got Into Cricket

My interest in cricket developed because of my uncle (Inzamam-ul-Haq) obviously. When I was growing up, my brother also use to play cricket in England. I used to watch my uncle play for Pakistan for such a long period of time. That's where the passion grew from - I always wanted to be like him.

Advice from Inzimam Ul Haq

Chachu (Inzamam) has always encouraged me. Initially, he did not give a lot of attention to my cricket. I played Under-16 for Lahore, then I had a two-year gap because of exams etc. After that, I got selected for PIA. He gave me a lot of confidence, and even here [at the Under-19 World Cup], he contacted me yesterday. So he always encourages me, and motivates me telling me that I can do it.

First memory of watching Inzimam Ul Haq

I was a huge fan of the Multan Stadium. My cousins and I used to go there and watch matches. I remember watching my uncle score 138 not out against Bangladesh on that ground. I think that was one of the best innings he has played.

Juggling studies and cricket

I am doing Icom from Punjab College.

When I was playing at the Under-16 level, I was also doing my O' levels from Beaconhouse School System at that time. So I had to miss quite a few classes. My teachers and principal knew that I was playing cricket, so they advised not to do O'levels as it requires one to give a lot of attention to studies. Therefore, I switched from O'levels to Matric and I got 940 marks which earned me a scholarship at Punjab College. It is very tough to manage studies and cricket simultaneously, but it's not impossible. I used to go to the NCA for training in the morning, then I used to have a net session and after returning home, I would study for an hour or so.

Rise to the Under-19 team

I have never played for Multan at all [like my uncle]. I was in Lahore when I took part in the Mobilink Hunt for Heroes (Under-16). This is my first year at the Under-19 level. I play for PIA Under-19s alongside my current Pakistan Under-19 team mates Faraz Ali, Zia-ul-Haq and Salman Afridi. Having team mates that you have known from before is always helpful. We've played together for PIA and now we're here for the Pakistan Under-19s. But even those who were not our team mates at PIA are all good friends.

Favourite Cricketers

I really enjoy watching Gautam Gambhir bat - his shot selection is really good. I also really liked Wasim Akram growing up.

Pakistan Under-19 bowlers

All of our bowlers have different variations in their bowling. All of them have wicket-taking ability. I can't really single out a bowler who I think is difficult to face as a batsman.

Coach’s input

My coach is giving me a lot of confidence. I'm having a problem in converting my 70s and 80s into hundreds. In the Asia Cup too, I had the same problem. I got out on 88, then got 70 against Afghanistan and 56 against Malaysia. I tend to lose my patience. However I am trying my best to improve and get my maiden ton at this level.

The coach gives me a lot of confidence. He always tells me that my first 30 runs are always good, however, I tend to lose my concentration and patience during the next 30. So he tells me to stay focused once I have settled in and try to convert my starts into big scores, which will prove to be helpful for the team.
Batting in the first ten overs is quite difficult on these wickets [in Australia]. But once you have got your eye in, it becomes relatively easier to score.

Asian Cup experience

The Asia Cup in Malaysia was a great experience for me as well as for the whole team. It was my first ever tour. We really enjoyed playing in Malaysia as the weather and the pitches were really good.

Pressure of the World Cup

I don't think we have any extra pressure of expectations on us. We are here to win the World Cup and we will try our best to do that. We don't really feel any extra pressure of the fact that Pakistan has a very fine past record at the Under-19 World Cup.

The Future

Our aim is to play for Pakistan at the highest level. That is the reason why we are playing at the Under-19 level. We just have to take it step by step.

well lets judge after few years, he need valuable experiance and couple seasons of domestic cricket. Hopefully his unlce will guide him!
Looked very average.

The kid is only 16 years old and he was playing with some who were in their 20s. He did score against Australia, England and New Zealand as well before he failed against India and Windies, so let's not banish him. Hope to see him as an improved cricketer at the next U19 WC.
Led his team Lahore Shalimar to victory against Lahore Ravi with his maiden fifty, a 52* off 56 deliveries.

Hope that nephew turns out good. :inzi

Remember him having some decent knocks in the U19 arena.
I wanted to say something bad, but thought why should i be pessmisst. i hope he supercedes his uncle Inzamam multifolds

what about muhammad Rizwan?i think staff members are Spotting talent in lahore.peshawar is also in pakistan.it is really double standard.imam score only a half century ,on the other hand Rizwan has scored almost 2000 runs?
what about muhammad Rizwan?i think staff members are Spotting talent in lahore.peshawar is also in pakistan.it is really double standard.imam score only a half century ,on the other hand Rizwan has scored almost 2000 runs?

well rizwan was not in the u19 team.

salman afridi was who looked a good keeper , didn't do much with the bat, so it will be hard for salman do dislodge rizwan as peshawar keeper.

rizwan already plays regular fc cricket

he is in the sui team in presidents trophy and won it, misbah is his teammate.

he was in contention for selection on this tour, but IQ struck and sent a tailender in sarfraz

unless sarfraz does something in the remaining 2 tests

it might be an option to give rizwan a go in the odis.

heres another talent from u19's, azizullah(medium fast)


around 1.12 he is getting indian wickets with some reverse and picked his pace up to 84mph

Rizwan need to have a talent spotter as well- The guy is only 20

Doing talent spotter because he is related to Inzamam ul Haq?.
Now featuring in the Tri-Nation Series.
He is a Talented guy indeed.. Started slowly today and later on after building a partnership began to increase his aggression.. Good To see such players play.. definitely should have got some Talent of His Uncle.. :inzi
only 3 runs away from his Century now. Hopefully he will get it InshaAllah.
he has talent.... loved him since the under 19 asia cup and have high hopes of him.... hope he can make it good like his uncle did.
He looks like an intelligent lad

940/1050 marks in matric are very good
Here's a picture of Imam.


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Doesn't look like a natural T20 player to me. Seems to have a decent technique and a thinking brain. Still too early to make a judgement.
Sad, he had a lot of promise but he's flopped now.

Sorry, but how has he flopped after just getting man of the series against SAF in SAF.

If you find that at 'flopping', then i'm curious as to what you define success / achievement?