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Jun 1, 2001
Q. Your nick-name - who is the team; who is being 'slayed'? - Is it taken from the game "HALO" ? - 1) Are you part of a team of slayers? What made you choose the name team slayer? (Oxy, AJ, RH, Fessal)

Haha, never knew my nick was this mysterious! The nick was chosen in a bit of a hurry and without much thought at the time. I used to post as aarij (my actual name), but then decided that it was time for a change (as nicks were easily changed at SN). Why Team Slayer? As AJ guessed, it is from Halo. Team Slayer is actually a gaming mode in Halo in which people form teams and try to kill each other. The first team to 50 kills (generally) wins. The reason why I chose this nick was because I loved the way the computer voice in the original Halo said "Team SLAYER" I decided that this shall be my internet nickname. No real reason or logic, no one is being slayed and I am not a part of a team of slayers...just liked the way it was said in the orignal Halo =)

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself personally? Do you work? study? where are you from? - A bit about what you do and where? (work/student etc) (AJ, Marooned)

I am originally from Karachi, was born there and spent the first 14 years of my life there, and then me and my family moved to Toronto (Mississauga to be more precise). I am a student and I also work, but don't do both at the same time. I go to the University of Waterloo, and I am currently in 3rd year of a bachelors degree in math and comp sci (5 year degree). As part of my degree, along with the study terms, I have to complete 6 four-month-long co-op terms where I go in the industry and work. I have already completed 3 work terms, and currently, I am on my fourth work term until April.

Once this term is over, I will go back to studying from May-August, then another co-op term from September-December, then back to studying from Jan-April (2007), and so on...Hoping to be done by 2008, inshAllah. Due to the co-op program, I am hardly in one place for more than 4 months.

Currently I am working in Hamilton, so I am living with my parents in Toronto, but commute 2.5 hours daily to Hamilton! It's ok though, I sleep most of the way. Once university starts, I'll be living for 4 months in Waterloo...then back again in Toronto for 4 months...and then so on and so forth. So, as you can see, there is a lot of moving around, lots of shifting houses...but I have no problem with it to be honest. In fact, I like it this way.

As one of my majors is comp sci, my work placement is IT-related, so I spent a fair amount of my time staring at a screen and pretending to be busy...haha =) Most of this stuff at work is not so bad, but I can't say the same about my assignments at school!

Q. Who is your favourite 3 cricketers? (AJ)

Wasim Akram - Fav. cricket by a mile. I just love the guy (in a perfectly straight way!). His bowling needs no description, but what remains etched in my memory is the way he celebrated after a always brings a smile on my face when I see him fist-pumping and celebrating...and I do the same thing every time I pick up a wicket when playing with my friends (doesn't happen too often though!). Have lost count on the number of times I have defended him in gatherings and on PP =)

Saqlain Mushtaq - My boyhood hero! I remember when he burst onto the scene in 96, and how he bowled so well from 96-99, picking up wickets for fun and bamboozling batsmen with the doosra. Even though its sad how he got injured and has never been the same, but for me, Saqlain Mushtaq will always be a cricket hero. I distinctly remember Boycott and co. being fascinated by Saqi's doosra...they used to put up a split screen of Saqi's offie and his doosra and running the two in slow-mo to try to find out what was it that made the ball spin the other way. It was incredible. Forget the stats, the fact that no one has ever been able to bowl the doosra with such clinical perfection is a testament to Saqi's genius. And of course, his wacky arms-in-the-air celebration is classic too =)

Shahid Afridi - I would have said Saeed Anwar 2 years ago...but it has to be Freedy now =D. What can I say about him that's not said already? I used to dislike him for being stupid before, but now he is one of my fav. cricketers. His batting is electrifying (I act like a 10-year-old when he is batting!), his bowling is fun to watch, and he's always up to some mischeif...its just great to see him play. When Afridi was batting in the Faisalabad test against England...and it was time for Fajr over was the most difficult and rushed Fajr prayer ever! Not because I was sleepy...but because I din wanna miss any of Freedy's strokes =D

*commenting only on those who I have seen. I am a big fan of Imran Khan, Javed Miandad and Majid Khan, but I have never seen them play.

Q. What was the 1st ever cricket match you saw? TS, the first game of cricket that you ever watched ? (AJ, Saj)

Interestingly, I am told by my parents that I was jumping up and down with joy in my phopo's lap when Miandad was playing THAT innings in Sharjah. But I was only 1 or so around the time, so I can't recall the first cricketing memory that is very, very clear in my mind is this: I woke up in 1992 to see that Pakistan were losing against some team in greyish jerseys in the WC...and Miandad was batting in that white helmet without a dad was not too pleased with the way things were going for us...and then this tall guy walked out and played some of the most amazing strokes, and we won...yup, it was the '92 WC semi. It was just great, even though I didn't know the importance of it back then (I was around 7 or so at the time).

Q. What music are you into? (AJ)

I try not to listen to too much music, but when I do, its mostly Pakistani. Abrar and Vital Signs are my two favs, even though I hardly understand anything that Abrar is saying!

Q. Why do you follow cricket? (GA)

Well, cricket is different than the other sports out there. Its more sophisticated than other sports, and thus its not easily appreciated by the masses, especially Test cricket. It also takes some time to fully understand the game, which may be another reason why its not the most popular game out there. I follow the game quite a lot these days (because there is access to it via streams, etc.) mainly because it has a very special charm to it that many don't appreciate. Also, Pakistan has a good team, adn that helps =). Supporting a club team or a city team is just not that much fun anyway.

Q. Do you think Pakistan are heading in the right direction under Woolmer? (GA)

Absolutely! The guy is a terrific coach, and IMO he has done little wrong in his tenure so far. Just look at how many careers have been rejuvinated since Woolmer came in: Afridi, Younis, Rana, Malik, Shoaib (to an extent). The improvement was hard to see for many when we weren't winning too much, but now its very obvious how good we are.

Q. What changes do you feel need to be made to make us the Number 1 team? (GA)

Fielding. We have a very fine bowling attack, some excellent batsmen, a fabulous all-rounder, a seriously special keeper-bat...and the team is gelled together with some superb spirit. Only thing we don't have going for us is fielding. We keep dropping catches, we keep giving away runs...I can bet that once our fielding improves, we will be well on our way to being the top team. Hopefully Woolmer can work his magic here, somehow!

Q. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? (GA)

I would put a clone of Banglore somewhere in Pakistan. Would be AWESOME to have that kind of technology come out of Pakistan, and I think that if it ever happened, it would go a long way in helping us as a nation.

Q. You come across as a very well mannered yet articulate person ( sort of like me ) -is that how you behave in normal life ? or are you a mere shadow of your PP existence ? (MIG)

Well thanks Miggy bhai! I am flattered. I am the same person on PP and in normal life. I try to be as well-mannered as I could possibly be, because I feel that it is a big part of being a Muslim. I feel that we all are ambassadors of Islam, and if we act silly or not-so-well-mannered, it doesn't reflect well on Islam. So I try my best to be a good ambassador. Of course, sometimes I lose my cool and then I am not very pleasant to be around...and then I end up regretting it, but I am working on getting this under control.

Q. You also appear to be very well read in terms of religion etc ? How and when did you attain such knowledge ? (MIG)

Most of my limited knowledge of Islam comes from Jummah khutbas, lectures in school/conventions and through discussion with my friends. I have been blessed by Allah that the people I hang out with in school are very knowledgable, and I learn a lot from them through discussion. Also, the Masjid that I go to for Jummah prayers has one of the best Imam's I have ever come across...and he gives very concise, timely khutbahs (on Fridays and during Taraweehs), so its very easy to learn from him. I also look up a lot of material online (through google and e-books, etc.) and that is another source of information for me.

Q. Favourate player , batsman , bowler , team? (inzidabest)

Current: Afridi, Ponting and Sehwag, Shoaib, Pakistan
All-time: Wasim, Saeed Anwar, Wasim, Pakistan

Q. Do you have an infatuation with Comma ? (Zushy)

LOL. Not really. I have a lot of respect for him and I really admire the guy for his knowledge and for his ability to communicate that knowledge very succintly and eloquently. A very good guy, and would love to meet up with him someday.

Q. If you could live without one thing in your life, what would it be and why ? (Zushy)

If we look at the essentials on life (family, friends, money, health, personal abilities)...of all these things, only money is one thing that you can dispense of, and still be happy. Also, money is also the only thing that can be re-acquired (relatively) easily. So I will have to go with money/wealth.

Q. Favorite posters & posters you detest with a passion ? (Zushy) Your favourite ppers? (Fessal)

Gasher, MIG, Entra, DM, ggm, AJ, Muddy (even though he hardly posts nowadays), Marooned, Merc, Waseem, Fessal, Hash from the ones who were around since old PP...and z10, Nauman, Najam, AceBase, Zushy and Big Mac from the new-comers. Of course, its not an exclusive please forgive me for over-looking some superb posters.

I don't detest anyone to be honest. Not on PP, and not even in real life.

Q. In which areas do Pakistan need to improve to acheive world cup glory (RH)

Fielding! It annoys the heck out of me when we field so poorly. I honestly think that if we improve our fielding, and get in the right mindset, we can beat any team anywhere.

Q. Would you have Shoaib Malik as a test opener? (RH)

No I wouldn't. I am a huge fan of Malik. I love his attitude and I love his blood-and-guts approach to cricket. But he doesn't fill me with any confidence at the top. For me, the test openers are Salman and Farhat. Salman especially needs to be persisted with.

Q. Favourite international ground and why (RH)

MCG. It's just the most gorgeous cricket stadium that there is. The atmosphere there, the superb facilities, an excellent pitch at all times, the lush green outfield, the picturesque scenes in and around the stadium...but most of all, the sense of tradition at the MCG, especially during the Boxing day tests. Its unmatchable for my money. Would LOVE to go there and watch a boxing day test some time...preferrably during the Ashes.

Q. I find that your view on PP is highly respected. any idea why? - following on from there, often your view is final. Do you feel that other posters are afraid to engage you in verbal dialogue? (z10)

Like they say in urdu, "apni izzat sab ko pyari hoti hai" I try to present a valid, logical argument at all times, and I usually stay away from making baseless claims. I try to be honest in my views at all times, and try not to lose perspective. Of course, I have my biases like most people, but I try to respect other people's point of view at most times.

I don't think people are afraid to engage me in verbal dialogue...after all, I am no Merc or Marooned as far posting is concerned!!

Q. How did you find pp? (z10)

I think I was googling cricket videos, and google returned the Ultimate Videos Thread. Then I started to visit PP regularly to collect videos...then to read the news/views of people...and then for some reason I posted something (think it was about Inzi), and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q. your views on that entra? (z10)

Haha. The guy's hilarious (even when he doesn't try to be). I love reading his posts...they have a humor in them that is childish in nature, but uniquely clever. And the banners and the pages that he designs are very swanky.

Q. Predict the number of sixes Afridi will hit by the time he finishes his career. (z10)

I can't predict, but I wish he ends up with double (or more) of the amount that he has right now in international cricket. It's very realistic too, I tell ya!

Q. What do you aim to achieve in the next 5 years? (goals etc.) (Gasher)

Hmm...I'm 20 right now, so in the next 5 years I would aim to finish my degree, get the heck out of university, find a job, find a girl to marry, then marry her (haha!), learn Arabic, watch Pakistan live in a test match (preferrably in Karachi), play a season or two of summer league cricket, and lastly buy a brand, spanking new Apple computer.

Q. If you really needed to scratch your back, would you do it yourself or would you have someone do it for you? (i know you're a big momma's boy, so be honest) (Gasher)

Hahaha Gasher! I would do it myself. In fact, I have always scratched my back myself...I find that when I ask someone to do something for me, its often not done exactly the way I want it done. So I feel that I should take care of my business myself.

Q. Your proudest moment on a cricket field? (Gasher)

First let me tell you a bit about how I play my cricket: I am a technically-solid lefty opening batsman. I rarely slog (just not my thing!), and I rely more on timing and placement than power. I am the anchor and hte accumulator of my team...believe me, we have enough pinch-hitters (lapaitus!!). Also bowl some left arm wrist spin.

There have been some good ones...last summer, I hit a HUGE six (in galli tape-ball cricket) to finish off a run-chase in the dark (and win the series 2-1!!) for my team. Now, I am not known to hit sixes, let alone huge sixes, but this one went a long, long way and the ball was never recovered. It was a low full toss on my toes, and I flicked it out of sight. I didn't even realize that a flick could go so far! Proudest moment so far though has been in the nets. I went in to bat in the nets against my friends (with the real cricket ball), and I played some shots that after playing them I asked myself: "how did I play that?" was great, there were hardly any edges or plays-and-misses...and when my time was up in the nets...all of my friends gave me a round of first i thought they were taking the **** out of me, but then i realized that it was genuine applause. i was so flattered that day!

Q. What do you miss most about Karachi? (Gasher)

Karachi kee shamain (the evenings of Karachi). No matter how hot it used to get in the day...that Karachi breeze in the evening made it all disappear. I have never felt such soothing, calming breeze on my face since I have left Karachi. What was wonderful about it was when we were playing cricket in baking sun during the afternoon, and then the evening breeze started to blow, it just made everything feel right. Of course, the breeze was even better near sea-view and clifton.

Q. Teamy, and your views on that z10 thing? (Entra)

A very good guy. Very inquisitive in nature, and I'm very impressed with his mature thoughts on everything ranging from cricket to philosophy, and he communicates his ideas and thoughts very very eloquently, for example, the Yousuf and Lara articles. Those two are gems. Also, hardly loses his cool in a debate, which is very admirable.

Q. Has PP become over-crowded in your view or is it expanding for the better? (Entra)

I feel that it has become slightly over-crowded. To be honest, I preffered a PP where there was more quality and less quantity. Of course, most of the quality is still there, but with the increase in quantity, there is bound to be some rubbish that is posted on PP from time to time. Expansion is good, but you have to be slightly careful though.

Q. What is generally the one thing you hate about elders and one thing you hate about young'uns? (Entra)

Elders: very rigid in their beliefs, not open to change. Also, very superstitious.
Young'uns: i find children who are bad-tameez (bad mannered) to be very unpleasant. I feel that the young'uns should at least make an effort to show that they respect an elder's authority. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid!!

Q. Choose one:
1. A woman
2. Emptying recycle bin on your desktop to hear that sound
3. Successfully spit-throwing a chewing gum in the bin 2 meters away (Entra)

Hahahah...Entra! Yar yeh kis type ka sawaal hai?! I would choose 1 (if the required pre-reqs are met!), but 3 is very satisfying too...especially for someone who likes to play basketball.

Q. Where would you rate Inzy,YMohd Yousuf and Saead Anwar in the list of top ten Pakistani batsmen? (Bulletproof Monk)

Well I have only watched cricket from the mid-90s...and started to follow it seriously a few years back. So my judgement on most Pakistani batsmen is based on what I have seen from highlights and from what I have heard from my father and folks here on PP.

In Tests, my top ten would be: Miandad, Hanif M, Inzi, Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan, Salim Malik, Saeed Anwar, Imran Khan, Asif Iqbal, Mohammad Yousuf. I feel Yousuf can go beyond Imran and Asif if he continues his good form from the home season into next season. Inzi would probably end his career just behind Miandad.

In ODIs, things are slightly different. I would say that my top five for ODIs is: Miandad, Inzi, Saeed Anwar, Yousuf, Zaheer Abbas. I have not heard/read too much about the other batsmen (Majid, Asif Iqbal, etc) in ODIs, so I will not comment on that.

Q. Favourite person from History and why? (Fessal)

The Prophet (SAWS) for obvious reasons. But if we take the Prophet (SAWS) out of the equation, then I would go with either Umar (RA) or Salahuddin Ayubi. Umar (RA) was a great leader, a great scholar, a man of great wisdom, a superb warrior, and most of all, a very pious and humble man. Forget Islamic sources, just read what the non-Muslims have to say about Umar (RA), particularly when he went to Jerusalem. As for Salahuddin Ayubi, well I admire the guy for a lot of reasons. I feel that he is one person in our history who stood out and acted like a sahabi long after the sahabis were dead. Of course, he was a fearless - yet merciful - commander, and reading what the non-Muslims say about Salahuddin (even those who hate Islam) tells you a lot about his character.

Q. What is the purpose of dreams? (Fessal)

Haha...I'm going to borrow a line from Junoon here: "Khwaab, adhoray sahi....Khwaab, saharay to hain..."

Q. You play cricket? Batsman/bowler/wicketkeeper/waterboy? (Najam)

Yes I play cricket! What kind of a question is that?! =P

I am a left-hander (both batting and bowling), even though I do everything else (throwing, eating, writing, etc.) with my right hand! I like to either open the innings or come in 1-down or at most 2-down. I love cover-driving and flicking balls off my pads, but I have not yet mastered the pull and the hook with the real cricket ball (I can pull/hook the tape ball with ease though).

I also bowl part-time leggies (for a lefty) and I get decent turn, but I don't have any variety. I once tried a googly (read: chinaman) in batting cages, and the ball ended up on the top of the batting cages..hahaha! I can also bowl good medium pacers with the real cricket ball (and I can get some swing too!), but with the tape ball I spray it around all over the place.

Q. What do you get out of PP? (Najam)

A lot actually. There is a wealth of cricket info available here...and to be honest, I owe most of my cricketing knowledge to PP. Before I came to PP, I used to sparingly watch Pakistani ODIs, never bothered with tests. But after reading some debates and opinions of people here, I slowly realized the importance of Tests. So, PP has played a big part in my evolution as a cricket fan. Also, there are some superb debates on Islam here too...and one can learn a lot by reading those too.

Q. Would you want to move back to Pakistan (if you are from there) or prefer it in Canada? (Najam)

Depends, to be honest. Currently, as much as I love Pakistan I wouldn't move back. I like it a lot here in Canada actually, particularly the freedom and independence that I have here. But of course, if Pakistan's situation improves (inshAllah), particularly for people in the IT sector, then I would definitely look into moving back. For now though, the answer is a no.

Q. Redhead, blonde or brunette? Desi or Gori? Homegrown or Horticutured? (Najam)

I have seen enough examples of homegrown maal getting out of hand once they get some leeway, and also have seen goris/non-desis who are very decent at heart (much more than some of our desi girls). So, I personally don't really have a preference, to be honest. Dil ki achi honi chahiyay, baqi sab chalta hai.

Q. Blair or Bush? (Has)

Can I say neither?

Q. Entra or AJ (Zushy)

Apples and oranges, dude. AJ is a hardcore cricket nut...Entra is just a nut =P

Q. Which pper would become a very good politician ? (Zushy)

Hm..I think Merc is politician material. He can dish it out when he needs to, and he can be politically correct when he wants to as well. Also, he can communicate well, and that should help as well. I would have said Marooned, by the way, but I think he is too phadday-baaz to be a good politician =P

Q. How do you like living in Mississauga with nosy pakistanis ? (Zushy)

You must be thinking of Brampton or Scarborough...Life is pretty good in my area!

Q. Your thoughts on zushy. (Entra)

An excellent poster. May get a little peeved when people joke about him too much (like Monsee!), but that's cool. Not afraid to be controversial at all.

Q. Your thoughts on Saj, Oxy, Mercenary, Nauman and MIG. (Entra)

Saj - an old-school cricketing connoisseur and a gentleman.
Oxy - true cricket nut. Even though he lives in England, his heart is as Pakistani as anyone! Harsh on moderating at times I feel, but its all good! What I particularly like about him is that he loves putting those to shame who don't show faith in the team! Those bumped threads are always funny.
Nauman - not afraid to voice his views, no matter how controversial they may be. May seem like a pessimist to many, but I can see the reasoning behind his posts at most times (particularly those about Pakistan and Pakistani politics). Done a fabulous job with PP so far.
MIG - simply the coolest guy on PP.

Q. Your favourite banner? (You can check out on the downloads page under Banners) (Entra)

Pakistan beat England is the best. The Pakistan beat India one was damn good too.

Q. One thing you don't like about PakPassion? (Remember, I said 'one' ) (Entra)

Can't talk about illegal streaming. I know it can't be done, but would be nice if we could talk about the cheapest way to view matches =)

Q. What in your opinion is the best thing about PakPassion? (Entra)

The posters. Some superb and very diversified views can be found on PP, and I like that a lot.

Q. Do you agree PPers are over-obsessed with cricket? (Entra)

Well yes. There is a reason why its called PakPASSION, Entra =)

Q. Why do children who whenever happen to stand just behind Mecnunk say 'We just met Mecnunk face to face? (Entra)

LOL. No comments.

Q. Does your belly button produce cotton as well? (Entra)

Hahah, no it doesn't. Taking a shower daily helps ;)

Q. In your childhood did you also use to lick walls, ignore liquid matter dripping into your mouth from your nose and while in the toilet pulling your pants up before you were officially done? (Entra)

Hahahaha! the liquid matter dripping into my mouth from my nose is something that I can vaguely recall, but besides that, no i didn't lick any walls and i certainly didn't ruin my pants!!

Q. Do you have any plans of getting rid of these habits? (Entra)

LOL. Sudhar ja, Entra.

Q. Do you follow any other sports apart from cricket? (Easatheman)

I used to be a basketball fanatic. I have stopped following it that much nowadays, but I do check out a few games from time to time.

Q. Do you think Pakistan have a chance in the 2007 WC? (Easatheman)

Most definitely. Like I said earlier, if we can improve our fielding and if we enter each WC game with the right mindset, there is no reason why we shouldn't win the WC.

Q. The better spinner: Muttiah Muralitharan or Shane Warne? Your views please. (Easatheman)

Both are legends without question, but I prefer Warne over Murali. Even though he acts like a classless fool at a lot of times, Warne is a genius with the ball, and he has this aura about him that very few have ever had.

Q. Your worst habit ? (Zushy)

I waste a LOT of time, and I procrastinate in all matters.

Q. Name one thing you can't live without ? (Zushy)

I guess I couldn't live without a sense of humor. Without a sense of humor, most things in life seem infuriating or annoying. Thankfully though, I do have a sense of humor!

Q. If there was a movie on your life so far, who would play you and why ? (Zushy)

A movie on my life would be very boring, to be honest. I have lived a pretty uneventful life so far (and I'm not complaining)! While watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" on TV, my phopo was saying that the guy in the movie looks like me, so I guess I would choose him to play me! Not sure of his name though...

Q. Best Cricketing moment and worst ? (Zushy)

Best: choose one of Karachi '06, Multan '05, Chennai '99, Kolkatta '99. All of these have been very special for me.
Worst: choose one of Hobart '99, Colombo '01, WC '99 final, WC '96 QF

Q. Do you think there's any credibility of the theory that Pakistan has thrown matches against Bangladesh in WC 1999 and in the finals, as well as quarter-finals in 1996 ? (Zushy)

I think the BD match has some credibility, but the rest is just speculation (more like baseless speculation IMO). The claims that we threw the '99 final are a joke, to be honest.

Q. Your thoughts on Aamir Sohail....(Zushy)

Very good batsman, a bit too aggressive for his own good though. However, a poor commentator and a poor selector.
Excellent read - Jaisa socha tha, waisa hee paya !! Well done TS Mian!!