The Ashes | 1st Test | Brisbane | Day 2 | 26/11/10

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Crucial Day.

We will have a solid idea after today as to what shape the match will take.

My gut instinct saying Australia will bat out the day and have 350ish on the board
260 is a score that sets up an exciting Test match....hope today is as interesting. There should be some swing for the Poms out there and we know there is turn.
could be some assistance for the bowlers today...?
Katich and Watson have to do most the work really. Clarke has a back problem, Hussey and North suck, and Ponting might just get out pulling. England are still in this game
well seam and swing wise I doubt it

But everyone was saying it'll become quicker
Hopefully it will be another great days cricket.

Strauss needs to captain like Punter did yesterday, he was brilliant as skipper.
LOL, the entire world is setting Hussey and North up for a 200 run stand
England are by no means out of this. They've lost the day but it's not like they've been bowled out for 100. A good spell or two from the bowlers, a better batting effort in the second innings and maybe a bit of luck and Eng could still head to Adelaide at 0-0.

Of course, Australia have the advantage and will look to push it, but England can take some comfort from the fact that the first two sessions were dead even. This still has the makings of a very tight series. :akhtar
If we rip out Watson, Katich and Ponting in the morning, I think we can do it, because they are the Aussie's best players.
Ponting is the key wicket.

the Poms get him, then all bets are off, anything may happen.
I wonder how Swann is dealing with the pressure. He and everyone knows if he fails England will lose the Ashes.
Swann is a cracking bloke, he loves playing the game. I think if he fails it will be because he wasn't good enough, I don't think he's a bottler; for example I would say MJ does not fail because of lack of quality, he is a bottler.
Beefy reckons it's a bowling morning. come on England!
Bell's innings was gorgeous. He is one of the men to take England forward for years to come.
Morning session is crucial.

If England fail to make use of the conditions, Australia will rake in the runs all day.
Come on AUSSIES. Pointing got a point to prove a double ton and choke ENGLAND. Put them under pressure through out series.
Well left again

No real movement as of yet
Swann has immense mental strength along with his natural ability. He won't even be thinking of failing.
Full and driven to mid off

Commentators saying thats the length to bowl
First runs off the bat this morning
Clipped off his legs by Katich
tucked away to square leg by Katich, first run for the Aussies this morning.
What's with the Australian training kit? Do they think they're India? :)))

could be some assistance for the bowlers today...?

Definitely going to have some assistance from the clouds and the moisture in the air, more so than yesterday. Anderson will have to make the most of it.
Siddle: Watson's bowling taught me what length to bowl
First :4

Almost went through the hands of midwicket
Siddle seems to be a pretty nice guy off the field. Always well mannered off the pitch but a tough competitor on it. Good stuff.

pulled away by Watto, didn't middle it but got enough.
And now a good flick for a single to long leg

Katich struck on the pads, but its too high.
Well Left again

Broad not making the batsmen play
We need a ton from Krapich today to justify his place in the side. Nothing less will do!
Very good away seamer, edged but soft hands keeps it down.

Benaud praising the man.

not a good start by the Englsih bowlers, too short and wayward.
England releasing all the early morning pressure
The days when 260 was enough are over (this summer against Pak).
Bambi on from the Slaughtered Pom end
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