The cheering guide - A light-hearted take on ICC World Cup 2023


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Sep 21, 2018
Now, that we are the middle stages of the WC, lets see how we want to cheer for the next few matches. Obviously, we all will cheer for our sides. But if it comes to neutral games, this is what i plan to do :).. let me know how you want to cheer.

  • Pak Vs SA - Cheer for Pak. Why? because India is likely to top the group stage and if Pak sneaks in ahead of Aus/NZ not only will it be a mouthwatering India/Pak semis but I feel more confident India defeating Pak

  • Pak Vs BD - if Pak wins against SA, continue to cheer for Pak. Otherwise it's a difficult decision. On the one side we have our rival (and some would say mortal enemy) Pak and other side you have BD, which has the most overrated team along most annoying fans. Normally i would support Pak because as much as I hate Pak govt, I rather like PCT and would love them crushing our eastern minnows. But if Pak loses to SA, we have a great, once in a lifetime opportunity to see our rival firmly at the last of the table. If Pak loses all their remaining matches and NED wins one or two matches, who knows they may end up last. Imagine the bragging rights for Indian supporters if Pak comes last in a world cup held in India and India ends up eventual winners. So I will do my best to help by cheering BD :)

will keep updating the thread as the WC progresses.
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I'll respect your take on keeping it a lighthearted thread. Good luck to Pakistan.

I'm not a pakistani supporters though. I'm neutral towards the team. I'm an Australian and NZ supporter and will support those 2 teams.

Edit: Nvm I read the whole post, Indian troll 😂😂. But Good trolling. ❤️
Teams I'll cheer for - Pakistan, England, South Africa and Bangladesh.

Teams I'll never cheer for - India, Afghanistan

Remaining teams - neutral unless they play aginst the teams I'll never cheer for.
Anyone but India, sincerely hoping the Indian hubris is humbled at their own coronation
Afghans all the way. Hoping for either Pakistan or Afghanistan to sneak into the semis.
Think some, like Kamran Akmal, hoping for Pakistan to be wiped out totally in this World Cup to prove a point.