The Entertainers fear 'sad' star Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to quit the club

Geordie Ahmed

Hall of Famer
Mar 3, 2004
Cristiano Ronaldo could be ready to stun The Entertainers boss Geordie Ahmed by quitting the club.

Reports suggest the Portuguese striker has told club president that he wants to leave The Entertainers and this has put PPFMC clubs on high alert.

It is widely reported that Ronaldo had a meeting on Saturday with the club president, the director general and his agent Jorge Mendes.

One local radio station claimed that Ronaldo cited a falling out between certain squad members and did not feel 'valued' by the club.

Other sources claim that the superstar - despite having three years remaining on his lucrative contract - is astounded he has not been offered a new deal.

A suggestion is that Ronaldo is not happy with the pride and excitement his manager expressed after his team mate Andres Iniesta won the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award. A source close to the Portuguese star said "Ronaldo feels he is the best in Europe and he felt let down that his manager did not support his case for the award and instead was thrilled for Andres Iniesta, a player Ronaldo does not believe is on his level"

Ronaldo played in Wednesday's 1-0 win over Astropussy, however he was below par and overshadowed by match winner and UEFA Best Player in Europe award winner Andres Iniesta.

The 27-year-old was substituted by Geordie Ahmed after a below par performance and youngster Kobeinn Sigthorsson brought on in his place, some believe this was a message by the manager indicating he was not happy with the Ronaldo's performance.

A worrying sign for The Entertainers was Ronaldo's reluctance to celebrate Iniesta's goal with any enthusiasm.

After the game the former Manchester United striker said: 'I’m sad - when I don’t celebrate goals it’s because I’m not happy.

'It’s a professional thing. The Entertainers know why I’m not happy.’

The Portugal captain refused to elaborate on the reason for his unhappiness.

The Entertainers boss Geordie Ahmed nor anybody from the club could be reached for comment.


Source: Daily Fail
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I'd bit for him, but then there's no point, he wouldn't get into the start 11, he'd get even more unhappy and may commit suicide.
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