U-19 Tri-Nation Tournament: Pakistan's Unbeaten Streak Continues After England Defeat


Jun 28, 2013
Result: Pakistan Under-19s won by 180 runs
Toss: Pakistan Under-19s won the toss and chose to bat


Pakistan Under-19s: Sami Aslam (c), Hasan Raza, Saud Shakeel, Hussain Talat, Farhan Nazir, Zafar Gohar, Rafay Ahmed, Kamran Ghulam, Saifullah Khan(wk), Zia-ul-Haq, Mohammad Aftab.

England Under-19s: JA Tattersall, HZ Finch, RF Higgins, BM Duckett(c)(wk), WMH Rhodes, LD McManus, MAH Hammond, JR Winslade, J Shaw, AW Ireland, TE Barber

Pakistan Under-19s Innings
Pakistan chose to bat today, and it proved to be more than just the right move. Captain Sami Aslam once again kept his consistency and scored yet another half-century. In fact, most of the top order came in with valuable contributions. Talat and Ahmed scored 23 and 35 respectively and Hasan Raza propelled the U-19s with 71 runs. But, a knock definitely worth mentioning, was Kamran Ghulam's. He scored 102 off 56 balls not out. This solid performance was more than enough to take Pakistan U-19's to a very defendable total of 369/7.

Fall Of Wickets
1-57 Hussain Talat, 9.3 overs
2-109 Rafay Ahmed, 17.4 overs
3-136 Sami Aslam, 24.1 overs
4-213 Saud Shakeel, 34.6 overs
5-255 Hasan Raza, 40.4 overs
6-290 Saifullah Khan, 45.2 overs
7-321 Farhan Nazir, 47.2 overs

England Under-19s Innings
England required 370 runs to win, and with the powerful bowling attack the Pakistan U-19's possess the match clearly seemed in their favour. Zia-Ul-Haq struck in his first over and picked up another one later ending with an impressive economy of 3.33. Zafar Gohar struck with 4 wickets, and the only batsmen worth mentioning for England was Higgins with his 65. Everyone collapsed below 22 runs besides Rhodes with his 32. Pakistan swept through England's batting attack, bowling them out for 189.

Fall Of Wickets
1-2 Tattersall, 0.6 overs
2-24 Finch, 4.3 overs
3-80 Duckett, 11.6 overs
4-110 Higgins, 15.6 overs
5-136 McManus, 20.2 overs
6-137 Hammond, 21.3 overs
7-138 Winslade, 22.5 overs
8-145 Rhodes, 24.4 overs
9-177 Shaw, 30.5 overs
10-189 Barber, 34.6 overs

Pakistan continued their powerful unbeaten streak and remain impressive with both bat and ball. Clearly they are the better team out of the three teams in this tournament. They have consistently done well in all of the matches so far. This is some very promising young talent on show.
hope they win the tournament too.

Seems like a good bunch of players we have :D
Faisal, Farhat, Afridi, Hafeez, Malik,...willl be there another 10 years.

Malik is gone finally.

Farhat is no longer wanted by misbah , which is the best it can get

I dont have a clue what faisal is doing there, but he wont get a game for sure.

Afridi is the only one with infinity comebacks - hope he will fade away soon too.

New blood is always welcomed :babarazam:usman:ehsan:rizwan:ziaulhaq:talha:amin samiaslam
So far so good, the final is on Monday.