[VIDEOS] How do you rate Herschelle Gibbs?


Dec 6, 2010
Was Herschel Gibbs an underrated batsman?

I never see him rated that high. He is a proven match winner. What are your opinion folks? How do you all rate him as a batsman?
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Good but not great. Better in odis then tests. Had the ability to score a quick ton but also had the ability to get out cheaply and quickly
Real underrated batsmen, great talent but that's the end of his international career unfortunately. He is one of the BEST fielders in the world.
Was excellent and then fell away (hansie messed him up :) )

Had the potential to be a great.
Was a top player, not a great but a very good one. His record backs it up and who can forget his double hundred against Pakistan and then 175 in that world record match?

Rocking Taklu
21 ODI centuries in 250 odd matches mean he is among the LoI greats.
He played some shots that were stunning and only he could play them. His fielding was compared to that of Jonty .......
his fielding and his 175 will be remembered for years to come,
Dangerous batsman and a match-winner!! Don't think he was underrated though, his test ave. should've been nearer to 45
Gibbs at his lethal best

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/o_7wBJ3MxKc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Infamous drop catch by Gibbsy

413-2 in 78 overs, lol

Must have been a pain to watch that match :misbah
Lovely timer of the cricket ball.very pleasing to eyes.on his day he was a match winner.has few technical issues, once he gets his eye in, than he was a treat to watch.can be termed as a South African great in ODI's!!!
Good Batsman but I heard him using racial slurs against Pakistan while they played.
Had the ability to make quick runs.....

Was exciting to watch.....
As a kid while growing up, one of my favourite cricketer was Herschelle Gibbs. An explosive, stylish yet controversial player who possessed full of charisma on-field and was a proven match-winner as far as LO format is concerned.

On field, he was arguably one of the most electrifying fielders to have graced the game. His career best performance, ie., his 175 in the famous 434-438 match against Australia was an absolute classic and a pleasure to watch for fans all-round the world for years and years.

How do you rate him across the formats and is he underrated?? Definitely a must in SA all-time ODI XI?
Probably underachieved a little given the talent he possessed.
I liked him, however feel like he could have achieved much more as he had the talent to do so, as others have mentioned.
Herschelle was very close to Tendulkar in terms of a number of shots he can play all around the wicket. He was more aggressive than Tendulkar. He was a freak and his lack of discipline didn't help him to achieve what he could have.
A big big under achiever considering the talent he possesed. It was a delight watching him ODIs
One of my all time favorite players. Brutal and charismatic on his day, but underachieved because of his casual attitude to the game. Pure joy to watch in the field as well.

However, he has still managed to play some breathtaking innings in both Tests and ODIs, and the 175 is the greatest ODI innings of all time in my opinion.

A far better ODI opener than Amla. He would have been great to watch in the T20 era.
Gibbs lost the fear factor the moment he dropped down as openner to the middle order. As opener he had the full license to go after the bowling

Former South Africa batsman Herschelle Gibbs recalled the series against Pakistan back in 2007 when he was handed a two-Test ban for using a racial slur against a section of Pakistani spectators in a home Test series. Asked by one of his Twitter followers about the comments he made at the those fans, Gibbs wrote: “Called some rowdy Pakistan supporters animals. They forced my son and his mother out of their seats in front of the players viewing area”.

Following this episode, the ICC had banned Gibbs for two Tests for making racists remarks during the first Test of the series at Centurion. Gibbs had then appealed against the ban but the ICC rejected it. The stump microphone caught Gibbs saying that Pakistani supporters were behaving “like bloody animals”.

The flamboyant opener played 90 Tests and 248 ODIs for South Africa, score 6167 and 8094 runs respectively. He also featured in 23 T20 Internationals.

This is not the first time Gibbs has spoken about the episode. In his autobiography -- To The Point -- he mentions that the entire South African team was irritated by the unruly behaviour of the Pakistani fans. He says the fans made a huge noise and even kicked his son Rashard and wife Liesl out of their seats in the stands.

“All of us Proteas were getting pretty irritated and unfortunately the stump microphones picked up our displeasure,” Gibbs wrote in the book.

“You could call me many, many things, but a racist was a bit of a stretch, to say the least, especially concerning Muslims. I’m coloured, for goodness’s sake. I’ve got four Muslim aunts and about 10 Muslim cousins. How could I be racist,” Gibbs went on to write.

How SA could use a batsman if his quality now!
A very good odi opener He was dangerous when on song and had the ability to tske the game away from you, a sweet timer n classy player

One of the best odi openers of his era His test ability was decent
It's odd how most people seem to sleep on Gibbs when talking about best openers of the 2000s. Sehwag and Hayden were great but Gibbs was another good one.

Apart from the legendary 175 in tje world record chase matchwhich will never be forgotten, I will also never forget his blistering test double hundred vs Pakistan. Till this date it's one of the best counter attacking test knocks ever.
438: Herschelle nearly missed the match

On the anniversary of the ‘greatest one-day international cricket match of all time’, key players involved in the 438 match reflect on Herschelle Gibbs’ near-miss.

As part of Cricket Australia’s look-back, Australian Mike Hussey and South Africans Makhaya Ntini and Shaun Pollock recall how star batsman Gibbs was supposed to be dropped for his antics the night before.

‘We were staying at the same hotel as the South Africans and we went out for dinner quite early, and Herschelle was just sitting in the bar,’ said Hussey.

‘He was well on his way then, and when we came back two hours later, he was still sitting in exactly the same spot, and he was all over the place. That was at about 10 o’clock. And I remember before going to bed, looking down from my floor and he was still down there, yelling and screaming and calling out stuff. And I thought far out. It was a day game, so we were up early the next day …’

Makhaya Ntini adds: ‘The good thing was it was inside the team hotel. But he was drunk.’

Hussey continues: ‘[Proteas coach] Mickey Arthur tells the story that they found out about it the next day, and Mickey and [captain] Graeme Smith wanted to drop Herschelle from the team then and there. But they didn’t have a replacement batsman, so they said to him, “This is not on, you’re playing today because we’ve got no one else, but next series you’re going to be punished for this because this is ridiculous.”‘

Shaun Pollock missed the game due to injury but recalls: ‘Herschelle was our naughty boy of South African cricket. When people would get into trouble, we’d often get fined and that would go into a team kitty and we would have meals on the back of it. Herschelle paid for his fair share, that’s all I’ll say. But I had no idea. I went to the ground early to do a fitness test, so I wasn’t on the team bus with the rest of the team. I remember after failing my test, I was pretty dejected because I wanted to play. I just sat out the front of the rooms and when the guys came and did the warm-ups, I didn’t see him out there.’

‘At least they batted second so maybe he had a little bit of time to sober up. I think he’s said in the past, if they’d batted first, he might have been in a bit of trouble,’ adds Hussey.

Gibbs would go on to top-score with 175 as South Africa chased down 438 at the Wanderers to win the series 3-2.

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