Warriors United Fine 'Missing' Briand

Canistani Hero

Senior T20I Player
Mar 3, 2012

Warriors United FC has decided to fine French forward, Jimmy Briand, for missing two consecutive days of training.

Briand, who scored 9 goals in as many appearances for Olympique Lyon before signing a deal with the club has been missing for 48 hours. He has failed to report at Wolfdale Park for two consecutive days of training.

Speculation suggests he is unhappy with how, new manager, Canistani Hero is running the club and thus, is attempting to force a deal away from the club.


Hero revealed he was a little disappointed with Briand's decision to leave the club. "He's an important player, his versatility makes him, very handy, he can play as a striker, he can play on the right flank, but it's unfortunate that he doesn't want to stay"

"Yes, I'm disappointed, I would lying if I said, I wasn't. Truth is, we've got our backs against the wall, we need our players to show some loyalty, we need them to believe in the cause, this ruckus with big players wanting to leave, first Modric, now Jimmy, it's a dire situation, you don't want to be known as a selling club, what are we, Arsenal? Having said that, no player is bigger than the club and if he leaves, we will have to find another sharp player to replace him"

Warriors United is now considering offers for Jimmy Briand.