Were we wrong about Kohli and Rohit?


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Apr 14, 2021
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These 2 were frequently mocked throughout the tournament but they came through for india when it mattered most.

Great credit goes to bumrah as the MVP as well. However rohit and kohli made the game in the semi's, finals and played a hand at eliminating australia the only team who wouldn't have lost a final.
Kohli is basically not a T20 player but he has the great fundamentals so he can dominate any attack when he is in good nick. Rohit is a great hitter but again with age, the hand eye coordination starts to go down so there are more misses than hits. But the gameplan was never for Rohit or Kohli to hang around for too long . The gameplan was to score as much off the PP as possible. But SA spoiled that by getting Pant and Sky out cheaply and Kohli had to play the kind of cricket he is most comfortable with
Nope. Doesn't change the fact that both are past their prime in this format and should be making way for younger players.

Kohli has already retired because he knows it. Rohit might have 2026 in mind.