West Indies v England | 3rd ODI | Bridgetown | 27/3/09

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Mar 3, 2004
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Series evenly Poised at 1-1 and England have a boost with news Fllintoff should return to the England side.
W.I win toss and to bowl 1st but its raining now....
Bopara 8(20) - Strauss 2(16)
Eng 15-0 after 6 overs
this is with 5 extras. 3 maidens so far
Sluggish start from Eng, 15 for 0 off 5.

Surprised to see Broad playing after his hysterical behaviour on sunday, did he receive any punishment?

Lucky his dad wasn't referee, would've been facing a suspended life ban in his book!
6.2 Edwards to Strauss, OUT, got him! That's a superb take from Gayle. Strauss went for a hook but it was too quick and he skied it over the slips. But Gayle, running back 10 or 11 paces, took a fine catch over his head
AJ Strauss c Gayle b Edwards 2 (18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11

Eng 15-1 after 6.2 overs
SA-Aus T20 should be starting soon
Eng lose 2 wkts in 3 balls.

Fidel gets Sttrauss and Ravinder!

Strauss gone to edwards!

Reward for some good bowling from the W.I!
Kevin 'its all about me' Pieterson & Owais 'in form' Sha out in the middle!
Eng havent got a clue,

Looking to be another dismal odi perofrmance alraedy
Perhaps KP's pre-match attempt at lifting his side is backfiring?
Scene is set for KP to get a big hundred - for himself!
on cricinfo commentary: "Here's the tired Kevin Pietersen" .... :))) :))) :))) :))) :))) this is nice
8.5 Edwards to Shah, 5 wides, yowzers! Tennis-ball bounce and it flies over the batsman and the wicketkeeper for four! This is a slippery pitch my friends

Edwards have done this twice. Flying over the keeper but first one was not a wide

KP 2(11) - Shah 11(15)
Eng 35-2 after 11 overs
12.1 Bravo to Pietersen, OUT, short, Pietersen climbs into the hook with two men back. Pollard is under a swirling skier, takes it with aplomb, and now England are in deep, deep doo-doo
KP Pietersen c Pollard b Bravo 3 (15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

Eng 41-3 after 12.1 overs

according to cricinfo commentary all three players out hooking
13.3 Baker to Shah, OUT, short, wide, slapped ... straight to backward point! A nothing sort of shot from Shah and he's paid the price, as Darren Sammy swoops low with his big hands.
OA Shah c Sammy b Baker 17 (25b 3x4 0x6) SR: 68.00

Eng 42-4 after 13.3 overs @ 3.11
Another one gone! FLINTOFF! DUCK!


What the hell!!!
Nice to see KP's 'fighting talk' earlier gelling the team together.
What a joke! Colly wobbles!

55-6 off 19 overs

I say, Bravo Bravo
18.5 Bravo to Collingwood, OUT, massive appeal, looked to be swinging late, and potentially down the leg-side, but very full indeed. Bucknor ponders for an age, which is always a worry for the batsman, and sure enough, up goes the finger!
PD Collingwood lbw b Bravo 6 (15b 1x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Eng 54-6 after 18.5 overs
3 for Bravo
2 for Edwards
1 for Baker
Egg on face for KP
24.3 Pollard to Prior, OUT, oh that is truly village. Short and wide and slapped straight to point. Thoughtless stroke
MJ Prior c Sammy b Pollard 7 (22b 1x4 0x6) SR: 31.81

Eng 68-7
cricinfo commentary is hilarious tonight ...

"Can't we field the ladies side in the next one-day match?" wonders Mantenna. It's a damn good call. Charlotte - the men need your guidance and belief

:96: :96:
Ingerland getting totally mullered LOL
LOL .... love what's happening. It is directly linked to Petersinghs outburst.
I would love to know what's really going through Stauss's mind.
Game now reduced to 44 overs a side. Small rain break apparently.

That should help England.

76-8 off 28 overs

"Exciting times are upon us. England only need another 11 runs to avoid their worst-ever total in ODIs. And Gareth Batty is approaching a career-average of 3.00 which is also a moment to celebrate"
This is the most BORING cricket I've ever witnessed, changing it to SA vs OZ T20!!!!!
England's official messenger, Steve Harmison, is running on with a towel. Bless. He obviously has a message. Is it Powerplay time?
12thMan said:
Losing the will to live, here. - cricinfo

Can't dissagree with him. If I was commentating with him, probablly would have knocked myself out. :akhtar :asif
115-8 off 40 overs

Good recovery by the tail-wallas

The 'Batty' is out - another one for Bravo Bravo
The whole England squad ( including bowlers ) needs a whole training session, practicing there hook shots.
The most effortless SIX you are likely to ever see from Gayle!

Follows the SIX with a 4 and another MONSTER SIX and another 4!

Broad taking a pasting from Gayle!

47-0 off 5 overs

Embarassing stuff - even Botham is laughing!
Ready, Steady, Freddie comes into the attack...

Getting loosened up for....IPL!
"This is what happens when idiots fire decent captains," says Etienne from South Africa. No idea what he's talking about - cricinfo
I guess Pietersen who lost 5-0 against India is now on the net
Jeez! Thats one of the largest SIX's you'll see in many a year!

Gayle on 46 fromm 26 balls

Another SIX!

Gayle gets to his 50 off 27 balls!
Mascarenhas comes in and Gayle greets him with a 4, 6, 6

6.1 Mascarenhas to Gayle, FOUR, fladaboom, to coin a phrase. Short, wide, and slapped through the covers

6.2 Mascarenhas to Gayle, SIX, Hugh Mungus. Stand and deliver, a contemptuous swipe, clean over the sightscreen!

6.3 Mascarenhas to Gayle, SIX, battered! That is incredible! Open-shouldered smash over the covers, that went flat and hard, and into the stands. Gayle has his half-century, from 27 balls!

Gayle on 52 off 28

and another six after resting on ball #4
Another boundar for Gayle!


24 off the over

75-0 off 7 overs

Dmitri wishes he was back in sunny HAmpshire!
What a BLITZ from Chris GAyle!

Super clean hitting - no edges, mishits, miscues!
Watching 2 games at the moment (with On The Up) - astonishing stuff in both games!
Gayle at his brutal best! SUPERB brutal stroke play!

A true beast!
Right. Who can possibly bowl at the other end to Gayle? Mascarenhas probably needs to visit the psychiatrist after his last over, so it looks like it's going to be Anderson
England have been shamefully woeful all tour and today pretty sums up how bad england are!
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