West Indies vs Australia | 2nd ODI | Grenada | 26/06/2008


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Sep 27, 2006
Australia has won the toss and will bat first

West Indies: CH Gayle, XM Marshall, ADS Fletcher, S Chanderpaul, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, PA Browne, DJG Sammy, JE Taylor, SJ Benn, DBL Powell

Australia: SE Marsh, SR Watson, RT Ponting, MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, CL White, L Ronchi, JR Hopes, B Lee, MG Johnson, NW Bracken

Team changes: West Indies have brought in Daren Powell and Patrick Browne, for Fidel Edwards and Denesh Ramdin, and an injured Ramnaresh Sarwan misses out. Shivnarine Chanderpaul is indeed in.

9:20am - breaking news Brad Haddin will will return to Australia after not recovering sufficiently from a broken ring finger, which means Luke Ronchi, who made his international debut in the Twenty20 game last week in Barbados, gets his first ODI today.

some sight screen problem holding the game
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Issues with the sight screen, not for the first time during Australia's tour of the Caribbean. Play has been held up. Players stand around waiting. Arms wave elsewhere and members of the ground staff try to solve the matter. Embarrassing scenes from a West Indian perspective. All these problems at the start of a match. Why wasn't this settled before?

There are half a dozen men shifting the sight screen and using planks to add on to the sides. Not a good advertisement for cricket in the West Indies. The umpires do not look pleased. The players look frustrated.
Why didnt they just start from the other end?? Rain comes down once the side screen issue is solved :)))
3 runs in 0.3 overz .....and the match is held up again some problem with the side screen again :))
9:45am So 15 minutes after play was scheduled to start, we can now start ... or can we? The players were lying on the grass, standing around near the square, and rocking on hammock-like nets but now the sight screen problem seems to have been sorted out and its time for the players to switch on. And there's a bit of rain in the air. In fact, its spitting down.

and after ball 3

Further hold up as the chaps down at the sight screen haven't finished working. Asad Rauf has a stroll down and moves his hands. One official shrugs his shoulders. This is just bizarre. The number of people converging multiplies. Tim Nielsen, Australia's coach, storms down. The third umpire shows up. "How many people does it take to move a bench?" quizzes a dry Tony Cozier.
What happened to Aussies dark green ODI kit?
How the hell are Aus 19-2

Sight-screen issue is a joke.
I@d refuse to play unless they resolved these issues.

How long have they had to prepare for this match? Yet they cant get the basics right.

No wonder their team is a shambles - 3rd wolrd administration really!
3 groundstaff trying to fix the sightscreen.

MAnually trying to get rid of the sponsors advert.


This happens virtaully in EVERY series on WI soil.
So that was another 10 min break trying to fix things.
Still issues with the sight screen. Asad Rauf talks on his communicator. Ponting has a chat with him. A young lad and another man work on the sight screen. Watch the column spaces tomorrow to read about this fiasco. We've had 5.1 overs in the 45 minutes since play was supposed to start. The slats of the sight screen seem to be the issue from what I can tell.
I think we've only had 5 overs in 45 mins.

Ponting out ct at short midwicket by Gayle off Taylor
Aus 35-3 after 9 overs

right before this ball "Gayle comes in at short midwicket" and Taylor bowls a slower ball
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"It's unlucky 13 for Ponting on this Friday" says our reporter in the ground, Monty Mooniram.

Aus now 35-3
Thats the fifth time Taylor has dismissed Ponting this tour. So no landmark hundred for Ponting in ODI No. 300. Australia in trouble. Here's Michael Hussey.
3 consecutive maidens, Windies keeping the pressure on.
Make that 4 in a row, how long can they keep this up I wonder!
Muhammad said:
Make that 4 in a row, how long can they keep this up I wonder!

And Muhammad is back!

37-3 off 14 overs

WI scoreboard in the ground unable to spell its own players names correctly....
37-3 off 15 overs

I dont WI will be able to chase down anythingg over 120 runs
some guy on radio talking to Mr Felix some ground operations guy saying they might have to abandon the sight screen for the rest of the game.

I am not sure but seems like this is what he said
Not looking all too good for AUS!!


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It looks like a bitterly disappointing attendance. If you can't draw a good crowd for an ODI against the number 1 ranked team in the world, or have the sight screen ready for the start of a game, then there clearly big problems in that part of the world.

Are the ticket prices too high, or are people in Grenada not interested in cricket? I suppose it could just be that the ground`was one of those that was expanded to too big a capacity for the World Cup in anticipation of the huge crowds of non-existent big-spending foreigners who were supposed to come over and pay the rip-off ticket prices being asked.

Are there any WI supporters on here who can give an insight?
Darren 'Sami' Powell, 8 overs for 20 ! :O
Tempo being picked up now, Bravo surprisingly making a hash of what should've been an easy catch went the wrong way the fool.

100 up in the 32nd, and Benny going for a few, though getting a fair bit of turn
6hitter said:
just watch they will score about 150+ in 20 overs
yep and with all the hitters still to come and not to mention when hussey breaks loose they would probably score 10 and over or even more in the last 10-12 overs..
Clarke 55 - Hussey 39
Aus 127-3 after 37 overs @ 3.43
last 5 overs 25 runs
Clarke 56 out LBW Benn
Aus 135-4 after 38 overs
100 run partnership @ 3.44
Benny turns it around, that loopy action is pure poetry in motion, he reminds me of a left handed version of Roger Harper.
Bugger, it would have been nice for Pup to stick around.
Hussey dropped by Bravo next ball but cricinfo not updating. difficult chance to the left
When's Cameron "Afridi" White coming in to bat?
OZGOD said:
Bugger, it would have been nice for Pup to stick around.

The pup done good, it's for the big boys to come to the party now.
Remarkably Windies best fielder is spilling chances he'd normally catch with his teeth.
Not enough bashing or praise of Australia here
155-4 after 43 overs @ 3.6
last 5 overs 20 runs
Hussey 58 off 101
a dog has made an appearance on the field. I thought that only or mostly happend in Sri Lanka. I heard Asad Rauf was doing something

Now I will think either running away or looking for stones
Hussey out ct at long on by Marshall off Bravo
Aus 175-4 after 45 overs
Is it just the Aussies or is the playing surface not conducive for ODI?
Will to score to chase around 220 should be easy,, but you never know about WI:::.

Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul are the batsman 2 of them have to fire.. otherwise its bye bye.? what you reckon people?
The surface is pretty uneven and Australias seamers will cause problems here. Unless W.I top orders fire here i can see Australia defending this total.
maamrut said:
Is it just the Aussies or is the playing surface not conducive for ODI?
its the surface. WI pitches are very different from the subcontinent. Most of the times 215+ is a winning score in wi.
Gayle to fire today hopefully and lead the Carib boys home.
Marshall out first ball. ct behind off Lee
Fletcher in playing his 2nd ODI. No Sarwan today but Chanderpaul and Bravo are there
Lee bowling with good pace here. Lovely shot for 4 by Fletcher in the 3rd over.

Gayle 0 off 10 balls doing good by just staying there and not get out. total is not big and they just need to keep wickets. Winning means ODI series goes 1-1
WI 8-1 after 4.3 overs
What's going on with australia??? Its like they're mediocre now.
Lee 170 matches and 299 wickets

Nick from the United States emails in this interesting fact: "If Brett Lee gets another wicket, he will become the fastest to 300 wickets in ODIs. He'll beat Waqar Younis by 16 matches." - cricinfo commentary
W.I 19/1 After 7 overs

Fletchers gets 4 off a free-hit
Gayle out ct by Ponting off M Johnson
WI 23-3 after 7.5 overs @ 2.93 - need 191 @ 4.52

7.5 Johnson to Gayle, OUT, Gayle goes on the attack again and it brings his downfall. Johnson went a touch shorter, it's onto Gayle quicker than he expected and his attempted pull lobs up to mid off where it's a regulation catch for Ponting
Gayle scratchy inns comes to an end. He never looks comfertable out in middle.

W.I in trouble as per usual.