West Indies vs Australia | 3rd ODI | Grenada | 29/06/2008


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Sep 27, 2006
Australia won the toss and decided to field

Umpires: Asad Rauf, N Malcolm

Andrew Symonds is back in, Cameron White misses out for Australia. Three changes for West Indies, including the return of Ramnaresh Sarwan

West Indies: Gayle, Marshall, Fletcher, Sarwan, Chanderpaul, Bravo, Ramdin, Sammy, Benn, Powell, Edwards

Australia: Marsh, Watson, Ponting, Clarke, M Hussey, Symonds, Hopes, Ronchi, Lee, Johnson, Bracken

Marshall and Gayle batting
WI 6-0 after 3 overs
Gayle hits his 100th six. Walked down and hit Bracken to long off
WI 21-0 after 7.4 overs
X Marshall makes good use of free hit. His first free hit he did nothing with the ball and Lee reminded him. Next free hit Gayle went to him to remind him. He hits a four to mid off and next ball walks down to hit another four to mid on

WI 30-0 after 9

The stadium is empty. there are some people in one or two stands
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runs are coming in now. last 4 overs 8, 9, 9, 10
Gayle 30(33) Marshall 15(35)
WI 49-0 after 11 overs
Gayle runout. unlucky there

17.4 Johnson to Marshall, OUT, Gayle is run out. Oh what a way to go.Marshall had driven a fullish delivery back down the track and the lunging Johnson had got a hand on it and it went on to break the stumps and Gayle couldn't get back into the crease in time. He was in murderous mood but has to go back to the hutch.
CH Gayle run out 53 (54b 5x4 3x6) SR: 98.14

WI 87-1
What a catch by Ronchi lunging high right to grap it one handed. Marshall 35 out ct behind off Watson
WI 99-2 after 20.2 overs
Sarwan and Bravo out
WI 172-5 after 37 overs
Fletcher and Ramdin batting
Windies doing a typical collapso.
Lee gets Sammy c & b. He has 300 ODI wickets now
WI 213-7 after 45 overs

44.3 Lee to Sammy, OUT, Wicket no 300 for Lee. It was the slower one and Sammy was early into the intended lofted shot, edged it towards short mid-off region, Lee called for it early and pouches it safely.
DJG Sammy c & b Lee 3 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Well done Lee
Watson 59(56) - Ponting 38(42)
Aus 100-1 after 17 overs - need 124 more
Ponting 50(57) - Watson 77(78)
Aus 133-1 after 23 overs - need 91 more to win
on the radio there are 2 commentators and Viv Richards and they are having a laugh at WI performance. Nothing serious but joking about this performance and another loss
Watson gets his first ODI hundred off 106 balls
Aus 178-1 after 31.3 overs - need 46 more