West Indies vs Pakistan | 2nd Test | Basseterre | 22/5/11 | Day 3 : Session 1

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Dec 29, 2008
just about 30 mins till the start of proceedings.

HUGE day for both teams.

Pakistan need to wrap up the WI first innings as soon as possible and look to build a big lead.

WI need their tail to keep fighting and get as close as possible to 272.

so much time left in the game!
Need a much better performance from Pak batsmen - its a do or die effort here.

Loss to WI will be really sad.
I think if Pakistan can pick up the tailin about 3 0r 4 overs and then make a score of about 280 300 then we would be in command of the test and i would see west indies fonding it hard to comback aginst our spinners
If we get a lead of 270+, the game is ours.

But we shouldn't be satisfied with that. Need to really hammer the West Indies and regain some self-belief.
We need to quickly get the 2 wickets remaining then get about 260+lead then we shall win the game!!
Take the last two wickets as soon as possible, post a good target and then InshAllah win
Ravi Rampaul is the man to watch for ... if WI get within 10-15 of our lead, then the tables could easily be turned on us

Taufeeq Umars career could be decided based upon how he plays in 2nd innings
where are all posters. its so quite here

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Defensive field setting here from misbah .... and both players are looking comfortable against spin time to try wahab or tanvir from one end
this misbah is really a defensive captain.

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Pakistan need to get seamers back on and try and break this partnership here!

Games drifting here!
Once again, missing the killer instinct. Defensive field settings, should look to attack more, and get these last two wickets.
rehmans lack of variation is there to see! a very average and defensive bowler!
I'm not sure there's a bowler in cricket lacking in variation as much as Rehman is.
and bishoo still to come. iam afraid all hardowrk done by tano and saeed will be nullified.

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get the pacers and why tano has only 5 overs. poor and defensive captaincy

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why are we using spin? Open with pace for goodness sake
Rehman is useful in against top order batsmen, to tie them down while someone else attacks from the other end. However against tailenders who are just looking to block him he doesnt really have enough variations to dismiss them quickly enough , as you should be with tailenders.
Tanvir back on now, only bowled 5 overs?

should have bowled more then that!
This is really poor stuff from pakistan here!
40 runs partnership nearing. now thats three times in a row in last three innings against pak. what defensiveness

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Pathetic start today from Pakistan. Defensive fields. Rehman bowling same deliveries. Not good at all
If we don't get a lead of 50+, it's not much of a physiological lead.
Why is everyone going at misbah? the 4s are coming as edges, the 6s yesterday can't be stopped by anyone. They aren't getting any easy singles.
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