Why can't the Pakistan team keep some things private like other teams?


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Jun 12, 2019
Why is there so much media coverage about the Pakistan cricket team? The players are constantly posting stories about their shopping, restaurant visits, fan meetups, and even TikTok videos of their entire training at an Army camp. If the Army is supposed to be a highly private place, why are they shooting full length videos and putting them out publicly? I don't see teams like Australia, India, or England doing this with their preparation videos on social media.

The PCB's social media handle posts videos about the silliest things, like the PCB Head meeting random people or giving jerseys to players. What is this obsession with media coverage and social media presence for the Pakistan team? It seems like every trivial event is turned into a spectacle.

This barrage of content is overwhelming and distracting. It makes me wonder if they care more about their social media image than their actual performance on the field. While engaging with fans is important, there has to be a limit. The constant updates feel unnecessary and excessive.

With so much focus on their off-field activities, how are they supposed to concentrate on their game? Other teams manage to strike a balance, keeping some privacy while still engaging with fans. Why can’t the Pakistan team do the same?

Can someone explain why there is this obsession with media coverage and social media presence for the Pakistan team? Is it a deliberate strategy to keep them constantly in the spotlight, or is it just an over-the-top attempt to connect with fans?
Maybe Pakistan cricket fans are most passionate ones. They need 24/7 updates on their players and team. Remember, media delivers what audience wants to hear.
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A. They have no education or life skills - most of them may not have even done secondary school.
B. Balla ghuma aur taez ball phenk ideology has given them 24 crore eyeballs.
C. They are pocketing salaries which are top 5% in the entire country.

Add A+B+C and you'll get the answers.

Discipline is talent. This is what these guys will never possess. Their goal is to get to C.
Because other teams use social media as a tool to promote their campaign and hype us fans but beyond that, that's it.

Pakistan uses social media to increase follower count and give us a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. They don't care about playing the world cup. It is a must to show shopping sprees
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It is maybe that the management is also busy in enjoying themselves rather than doing their actual job.
I had the experience of sharing a hotel with this team for 3 days a few weeks ago, and you can forget about social media skills, these guys do not even have public relation skills.

The lack of education, common sense, discipline, but most of all professionalism, were abundantly clear.

These players are meant to be representing their country but instead use their little found fame to represent themselves on social media.
The number one occupation in Pakistan is to be a YouTuber. Pick up your phone and start recording your daily affairs.
because they are all illiterate. why do you not see people like Shan Masood doing this? Because he comes from an educated background and he has seen wealth before. one of the big problems with our cricketers is that this is the first tike they've really had any smell of money and they're losing their crap over the stuff they can do
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Pakistani people generally seem very expressive (a bit like the Italians). Maybe that's the reason.

Again, I don't mean it in a bad way. Just an observation.
Putting everything on social media is not a good thing. It can backfire because think that all these players are doing is using social media instead of real job they were supposed to do and that is play cricket. Everybody deserves to enjoy in life but when you are on a national duty, duty comes first especially on such event like World cup etc.