Your Favourite Eddie Murphy Film?


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Jun 1, 2001
My brother bought me Coming to America for Xmas. It has to be one of my all time favourite films. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall play about 8 roles each in the film - top stuff and Murphy at his best.

Whats your favourite Murphy classic ?
my favorites of his are:

beverley hills cop 1 + 2
coming to america
another 48 hours
delirious(stand up)
raw (stand up)

but lately he been acting in complete crap apart from shrek
i prefer his stand up shows to his films

i remember seeing one from the 80s where he is in some purple suit ( the name of the show i can't remember).

brilliant show, absolutely brilliant!
I think Shrek 1 was much better than Shrek 2. Although 'Trading Places' is also a good one, but Shrek 1 is the best for me.
Showtime for me although i prefer his stand ups
Holy man.

I prefer Murphy when he doesn't open his mouth much.
Is Eddie Murphy the best thing to exist in the last 50 years?

Simple question. The man is just extraordinary. I was watching the movie tower heist last night. A run of the mill dull and ordinary movie with an unoriginal plot and storyline but Eddie once again stole the show. This man is amazing.

His very prescence on screen makes me burst out into laughter before he has even spoken a word. When he does speak his voice takes me to places I didnt know exist. How can a man dress like a homosexual but still exude alpha maleness like he did in delerious and raw? The mind boggles.

The fact that he so shamelessly takes movie roles just for the money even though he knows they will suck is just a testemant to how great he is. A savage capitalist at heart Eddie knows that his performances will get panned but cares not for societies norms and expectations. He literally laughs all the way to the bank.

I am going to sit down and enjoy an Eddie Murphy movie marathon. I suggest you all do the same. Its astounding how a man by doing so little can accomplish so much.
watch Trading Places and some of his earlier standup stuff.
Guy is Amazing. Even Jim Carrey....they just take over the top slapstick comedy to an another level..and excel like no other can ! I do not think he is a bad actor though..he was quite good in Dreamgirls.

I have seen Dr.Dolittle, haunted Mansion, Beverly hill cop series,nutty proffessor....his animation as the donkey in Shrek is quite amazing as well
He is making kid-friendly crap these days. But his more profane routine is just hilarious. Raw is just hilarious.

Even Nutty Professor is pretty hilarious. Ironically, he got an Academy Award Nomination for a serious role. I guess his funny roles weren't Important enough for the academy.
Have anyone seen his movie with Martin Lawrence called life .
It's funny but also really sad at the same time . I recommend it highly .
He is making kid-friendly crap these days.

You and I know its crap. Even he knows its crap lol but he straight up doesnt care! Hes a ruthless capitalist who puts things like pride and critical accclaim to one side when dollars are up for grabs. I think its wonderful how it does it so audaciously.
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beverley hills cop, 48 hours, trading places, coming to america, golden child...murphy was class in the 80s
He was good in few movies - but he at times his comedy sucks
Coming 2 America is out.

33 years after the original movie was released.
Coming 2 America is out.

33 years after the original movie was released.

I've caught a few minutes of it and they've sold out... The whole point of being meta is you don't mention the obvious. "McDowell's, Zundulu's McDonalds". Also stars Christine Baskets from Baskets.
One of the best comedians even today.

My top 5.

Coming 2 America
Trading Places
Golden Child
Nutty Proffesor

Is Coming 2 America part 2 on Netflix?