Zimbabwe v S Africa | 3rd ODI | Harare | [26/8/07]

Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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latest - South Africa 323/9 (50 ov) v Zimbabwe 165/2 (28.0 ov)

S.A inns - De villiers 107, Abie Morkel 97

Zim inns - taylor 28* Taibu 43*
Been very impressed by the Zimbabwe batting so far in this series. I thought that they'd completely flop in all 3 matches
Zimbabwe has hit so many balls in the air that land 10 feet before the boundry, lands between players and die

Zim 172-2 after 29 overs. need 152 off 126 balls
SA was 167-2 after 29 overs
Taibu gets his 8th ODI 50
Zim 178-2 after 30.3 overs - need 146 runs to win
They're really going for it. Wonder how close Taibu can get them
Zim 198-2 after 34 overs @ 5.82 - need 126 from 96 balls
SA was 198-2
a six by the new batsman
Zim 216-3 after 37 overs - need 108 from 13 overs @8.3
SA was 228-2
The SA's Morkel is keeping it tight
Chigumbura gone, and with it Zimbabwe's chances of a win. Feeble collapse here we come
Chmbura out
Zim 231-4 after 40 overs. need 93 off 60 balls
SA was 249-2
Another one bites the dust. Williams gone, Zimbabwe 236/5
Taibu on 95 off 90 balls
Zim 268-5 after 44 overs - need 56 from 30 balls
45.4 Pollock to Matsikenyeri, OUT, fired into the leg stump, makes room and lofts that to the on side, does not make clean contact and sends it straight to van der Wath at long on

46.1 Ntini to Brent, OUT, what ever fast bowler wants to see, the top of the off stump being hit and sent spinning, angled in just on legth, Brent gets forwatd but the ball is through him before any defence got in the way
Taibu on 97
Zim 276-7 after 47 overs - need 48 from 18 balls @ 16 an over
SA was 296-7
to be honest, im impressed with the way zimbabwe have been playing lets hope taibu gets an 100..
Taibu gets his first ODI century off 99 balls
Zim 285-7 - need 39 off 7 balls
Well deserved 100 by taibu.

its good to see him back playing at highest level.
so thats it, the end of the match and the series, South Africa may have done what was expected and won 3-0, but Zimbabwe did what wasn't expected of them, and put up a brave fight, in all 3 matches. This series will be a good morale booster for Zimbabwe and the players
Fantastic performance by Zimababwe! I've always looked out for Taibu because he is a great talent in an otherwise poor side.. a bit of an Andy Flower situation. Great innings under pressure, I need to see hilites of this one.
Yea Easa is right. Taibu has always performed well, and I was really upset when he had stopped playing. Also, Chigumbura is a fantastic player.

Excellent batting by Zimbo. Only lost by 30 runs. Scored 300, too, against a mighty good team. Very very good stuff.
sibanda and masakadza are extreme talents...but they need to start scoring more than 30 or 40 solid runs. they need to hit 70s and 80s if not 100s.