1st Match: Sri Lanka A v Pakistan A at Colombo [20/03/05]

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Jan 31, 2005
Sri Lanka A team: (from)
*J Mubarak, WS Jayantha, DA Gunawardene, RP Arnold,
SHT Kandamby, MK Gajanayake, WMG Ramyakumara, +HAPW Jayawardene,
MTT Mirando, CM Bandara, MMM Suraj, PN Ranjith, CRD Fernando,
GI Daniel, KHRK Fernando.

Pakistan A team: (from)
*Misbah-ul-Haq, Hasan Raza, Faisal Athar, Wajahatullah Wasti,
Ashar Zaidi, Bazid Khan, Aamer Bashir, Faisal Iqbal,
Farhan Adil, Tahir Khan, Imran Tahir, +Zulqarnain Haider,
Yasir Arafat, Abdur Rauf, Shahid Nazir, Mohammad Asif,
Riaz Afridi.

I wish Mohammed Irshad had been playing. I think he will be going to Zimbabwe though.
I expect pakistan A to face tough test in this game and even more so v england A. i dont expect pak A to win many matches... i just hope certain players make a name for themselves....!

pakistan A bowlers - s nazir, rauf etc... will be tested... look at sri lanka "A" batting line up...

*J Mubarak, WS Jayantha, DA Gunawardene, RP Arnold, SHT Kandamby

all 5 off those are either odi/test batsmen in their own right....
23/1 after 3 overs.

Dissapointing Nazir didnt get any wkts.
ashar zaidi ,wasti, bazid khan,Hasan Raza, *Misbah-ul-Haq,faisal iqbal, Yasir Arafat, Abdur Rauf, +Zulqarnain Haider,
Imran Tahir, shahid nazir

sri lanka a 267-5,vandort 116*, arnold 64

s nazir 0-49 off 10
rauf 0-55 off 8
YASIR ARAFAT 3-52 off 10
i tahir 1-46 off 10
ashar zaidi 1-36 off 10
wasti 0-15 off 2
pakistan a 40/1 off 6!

zaidi 8 off 9
wasti 13* off 15
bazid 16* off 13

plenty of batting to come including hasan raza, misbah, faisal iqbal, yasir arafat and zulqurnain plus rauf/tahir can bat
Pakistan A will loose, they are doing what we did in the entire 90s when chasing .... trying to go aggressive at the start ... big mistake.
well it's working, seems like they are working on theory of getting 1 boundary an over and then a single here and there, like i said we have plenty of batters to come.


56-1 off 9!!

wasti 15 off 21
bazid 29 off 25
pak a are doing rather well

69-1 off 12

wasti 18 off 34
bazid 39 off 30

seems like hynotist worked on bazid - to convince him he could play like his dad!!
Waqar's inswinging yorker said:
pak 79-2 , bazid goes for 40

The don is in, misbah bradman should lead his side home, interesting that hasan raza will be used as a finisher

I see that Bazid is still in the team - IMHO should have left cricket a couple of years ago. I think the PCB owes it to a few youngsters they dont rate good enough for national colours to tell them so.

I think of the ones on display here, Hassan Raza is one who should possibly be looked at again - though his weakness against fast bowling is well known. Otherwise, he is an organised and careful batsman.
The first class records of Misbah and Hassan are way above those of others players in the A squad.

Not that first class records mean much - but still shows they will milk the bowling when given a chance.
That's what i said before, i would like to see a weak Pakistani batting attack with some youngsters
performing well. It's good to see Pakistan winning this one but who cares if Wajahat played well??there is no chance of him playing for Pak again and same applies to Misbah ul Haq or maybe even bazid Khan, Faisal Iqbal etc. The only batsmen we should be intersted in is Hasan Raza or maybe Ashar Zaidi who is a good opener and bowls well as well as he showed today. Imran Farhat, Usman Tariq etc should have been sent to Lanka.
i agree waseem - like i said my squad would have been

usman tariq
faisal khan
kamran sajjid
sufyan munir
hasan raza
shahid yousuf
usman saeed
yasir arafat
jannissar khan
arsalan mir
mansoor amjad
m irshaad
s niazi/najaf
f masood
rizwan akbar
yasir ali
this is just a one day tour. There is another tour to Zimbabwe I think some time soon and that involves 3 day matches (with Malik as captain). I'd be more interested in seeing the likes of Irshad etc in that tour.
Hash this tour involves two 4day games as well. and squad has been announced for that as well.

I agree with kamran Sajid WIY, i saw him today in the final of ABN-AMRO cup, he looked really good and he has an excellent record so far. He is left-handed opener.
thanks waseem

what is the squad for the 4 day games?
well done pakistan A, well done wasti and arafat.
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