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Jun 1, 2001
PP are proud to announce the launch of a new cricket equipment brand.

Bouncer Sports is a name that may not be familar to our audience, however, the person behind it will be very well known to our readers, all over.

The brand has been launched by 'Noddy bhai' himself.

Whilst the company has been focusing on developing its Player Management arm, the last 12 months have seen Noddy bhai work enthusiastically on developing a cricket range, that offers all round quality and at a very competitive price.

Noddy bhai states that 'with the steady rise in willow prices and the general costs of cricket gear increasing, he had been waiting for the right time to launch his brand. He had been working with several manufacturers on designs that were tried in the past, but unique to Us, in terms of tweaking those and ensuring the branding was striking, too'.

Hence, he engaged several of the players to critique the soft leather and also the bats. In fact, recently in Dubai, Umar, Hafeez, Taufeeq and Abdur Rehman, all gave excellent feedback on changing the trouser.

Noddy bhai adds that The key to our brand is that it has been tried by 2 of the Players in this current England series, and before this too. This testing phase was important to ensure what I have planned was good enough for them, which will also translate to the consumer market. It was pleasing to see the feedback was virtually as expected.

To give an overview of the range, we have called it, Monarch, Duke and Earl. Monarch is the flagship, offering the best in price point, quality, superior protection, performance and is fit for International cricket, we have designed the wicket keeping equipment at the same level.

The Duke is the mid range, which is comparable to any of the 'larger' brands in every sense, but hopefully, at a more practicable price.

The Earl is the entry level, however, there is no compromise in putting the soft leather together, nor was there in selecting the best possible willow for this bat.

The ethos is about performance, power and ping in the bats. What was more improtant for me was a bat that performs, as opposed to having 'nice stickers', but nothing else going for it. I would hope that the decals are also striking and I tried to use quality even on the sticker choice.

The range is compliments with a players bag to hold everyhting and more. A utility duffle bag is the second option, which can be used for younger players or for training.

This leaves clothing, which we have used 220 gram 100% polyester. As mentioned earlier, the players fedback on the trouser, being too heavy, so it was dropped to 220grams. It is lined inside, comes with green piping on sides and trousers and breathable mesh on the back. The shirt is in quality polyester with breathable vents at the back, under arms and lower back to reduce moisture quicker. Again, green piping ends of the garment.

Finally, not forgetting the budding youngsters, we have the Earl bat, which has been made in Kashmir Willow. This is complimented with a batting glove and a helmet for juniors and seniors.

There will be some special offers and bundled pricing for buying a range online, as well as value add in terms of toe guard and bat cover in the price. There may even be an odd free gift here and there!

In closing, Noddy bhai welcomes any feedback anyone has, the website can be accessed at and clicking onto the equipment tab. Please be patient as the gear will be arriving by the end of this month and the website is being updated constantly, as the manufacturer sends the images.

The website also has our player management online and this is being developed regularly too.

Anyone can email Noddy at if they want other images, but everything will be available online. Shipping can be anywhere in the world, and paypal can be used for payment. Postage is chargeable for all orders.

Noddy bhai adds "I am confident that people will be happy at out offering and thank you for considering Bouncer Sports as a supplier to you."
Great to hear that PP members are doing big things! I certainly look forward to seeing players decked out in Bouncer Sports equipment :)

Congratulations Noddy Bhai :D
Thansk for the kind words. They already are, but you dont know about they have sponsors obligations.......Over time perhapd, but for now, the trousers will be seeen first, then batting gloves.....
Ah I remember Bouncer Sports, I clearly remember them now :D I heard about you guys all the way back in October actually :)

Looks very promising, more importantly Noddy Bhai himself is very committed and dedicated towards this brand. I remember Amir Sohail used to use Bouncer Sports stuff.

When is your website going to be fully launched?

Any chance you could show us your bats, softs etc?

Good Luck bhai! :19:
Thanks bhai. Where do you want me to send pictures?

Website is already launched, and some pictures already online....

click the equipment tab and scroll through the different sub sections, pads, gloves,

ALSO please join our FACEBOOK page, bouncer sports. All pics are on there!

Happy viewing and more to be added inside days!
I think I will post pictures of your gear here so everyone can see it as it would be more convenient for them to see here;

Monarch Range





Duke Batting Pads


Earl Range




Thigh Guard

The bats were made/designed/crafted in India - Willow from England.
The bats were made/designed/crafted in India - Willow from England.

Willow tou zahir hai England say hi hogi :D

You did choose a good manufacturer for your softs too!

I was actually expecting that you guys will have pittard palms on your Monarch range
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Checked the list of players on your website...very impressive I must say :)... it me or do the pads look really bulky??
The Monarch glove definately has English Pittards.....

Pads are not really that bulky, but the Monarch has been designed with added calf protection hence looks wider and reason.

Thanks, lots more players that we have with held on the site.

I hope the softs are comparable to anyones....especially at the price....
The Monarch glove definately has English Pittards.....

Pads are not really that bulky, but the Monarch has been designed with added calf protection hence looks wider and reason.

Thanks, lots more players that we have with held on the site.

I hope the softs are comparable to anyones....especially at the price....

Yes, you're right.

They seem to have cougar English Pittards.

For 35 Pounds they are extremely well priced, other brands who have quite similar design gloves and more importantly get from same manufacturer have there gloves priced at £50 at least!

So good prices Noddy Bhai :D

InshAllah I will at some point in future come to you for your softs but first I have to go through my current softs which are waiting for there turn :))

I even take hit for payPal charges.

Enjoy your season. It's a buyers Market And am happy that anyone would consider us. The response has been good. Australia and Dubai we have some traction. Baki upar waleh ki marzi.
Salam all , website being updated with some more content.....

More coming soon too!
Duke glove picture now available, should be online the website by tomorrow.

CD if you need it before no problem, just ask...
No CD - I was saying if you need a picture to display here, not BUY!

Feel free to post a pic!
noddy bhai - welcome to the equipment section. i'm looking forward to your posts and seeing the equipment you have on show for us.

you should do a Q&A for the equipment forum guys about pakistani players and their equipment preferences.
Salam CA

The pics are on this thread already, with more to come.....Scroll up!
Dear All,

All equipment is NOW on the website, if anyone wishes to look, compare.

I'm pleased to update you on BOUNCER SPORTS cricket equipment.

As many will be aware of, this range has been launched by our very own, Noddy Bhai.

We have been asked to advise you that the range is in the UK and has received a good response so far.

As UK and overseas buyers will know, prices of willow is increasing and prices for a decent piece of willow starts at £200 and more. That doesnt include soft leather goods, clothing, kit bags, if you seek to replace your whole gear.

BOUNCER SPORTS equipment prices are competitive because of low overheads, no need to pay any player to use their wares, in fact, the opposite, as several Pak players are using the equipment, with their own sponsors logo's on.

So, if you are seeking top quality cricket products or clothing, designed and used by International players, then why not consider clicking and hitting the equipment tab.

They deliver worldwide and if its good enough for the best, then why not put them to the test!!!!
The latest Offer.


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