Anyone Can Better This One?


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May 17, 2013
Kjawa+22 mil for Ribery

I will finalise this deal today if anyone want ribery then he should offer me something better then this deal:jf
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nd a quality one. Your team doesn't require jap wingers, it requires skill, flair, personality and most importantly, goals!
Sorry then, my CAMs, Ms and DMs are way too good to be traded for Ribery.
Didnt mean to hurt your feelings bro. I tried to help but its okay if you dont require classy forward. Lemme tell you they are rare, CAMs and DMs come in bundles.
lol Pazzini is useless and Kaka is old way past his best

Kagawa is only 23 and already a beast and will only get better.

If Kagawa was a beast, you wouldn't be letting him go. Pazzini is a reliable and world class forward.
HJ seal the deal already I want Ribery.

Our seal is almost confirmed ..i m looking towards beast if he will give me valo i will give yiu rivery immediatoly i m just a bit prcautiobary bcz if i won't get balo i have to rethink about my team strenghts but in any case( unless some one out perform your bid )he is all yours ...
@HJ - never make a deal with FC. He will always try to rip you off.