Australia vs Sri Lanka | 3rd ODI | WACA | 10/2/12

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Jan 30, 2005
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OZ on the rack 8/203 after 45 overs. If they fail to bat out the 50 overs it will be disgusting.
Tail is wagging! 8/213 now with the bunnies at the crease
SL have done well , but they need to finish it , there batsmen have to score those runs.
hardly aussies dont play full 50 overs... first good achievement by Sri lanka

reduced them 230 odd
Aussies will win this game by 60 runs atleast i reckon.
Time to see how good this bowling attack really is. Will they live up to the hype?
Seems like any score over 230 is competitive after the introduction of the new rule of new ball at each end.
Aussies have found so many good world class fast bowlers, great depth in fast bowling .
Seriosuly wats wrong with SL? N mahela said aussie dun have bowling attack man oh man
I think Sri Lanka should revive their team. They have some good bowlers (but they need to be carefully utilized) and they have some good fielders. They have to change their batting line up. Dilshan and Taranga are too inconsistent (especially outside Sub-continent). They should bring back Chamara Silva, Samaraveera and Kandambi who can at least be consistent and give solidity in the middle order. And they should go aggressively by opening with Sangakara and Jayawardena. They anyhow have two more good players in the middle order (Matthews and Chandimal) if there is a downfall. So I don't see any reason why they can't be proactive and take up initiative. That will give them maximum chances of winning (especially outside sub-continent, more so because other international teams these days are also not too great and have one or other weaknesses)
Good result at the end. Mathews can't rescue SL all the time. Lesson for middle order.

Plus its nice to see a last over thriller going bowler's way. Seen too many go batsmen's way in recent past.
Excellent Inns from Matthews. Aussies luck at the end! What an awful ball to get out to at end!
Brilliant game. Mathews is a brilliant finisher and has rediscovered his accurate nibblers with the ball too.

Also nice to see Kulasekara perform with the ball, he's been through a rough patch in that facet over the last year
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