Azhar Attari - forgotten young fast bowling prospect making comeback


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Nov 16, 2010
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junaid khan was on that 2007 tour as well !

What a bowling line up

Aamir, Attari, Junaid

England had Finn and Harris
From Rana Naved recent interview :-

PakPassion.Net: The squad for the West Indies has been announced. A few youngsters and upcoming players have been selected - Junaid Khan, Sadaf Hussain, Aizaz Cheema (who was later declared unfit). Are there are any young fast bowlers in the domestic circuit who have impressed you?

Rana Naved-ul-Hasan: Yes, there are a few have impressed me. Hammad Azam is a talented all-rounder who I have played with. I think it will take one or two seasons for him to mature, but he is a very exciting prospect. Azhar Attari from WAPDA and Junaid Khan have been very impressive as well. We have a couple of youngsters who I feel can play for Pakistan in the near future provided they continue to work hard.
Took 4 ex International players scalps in the first innings. One to keep an eye on definitley.
When I saw him last time in U-19 world cup he was a gentle medium pace bowling around 74-75-76 Mph.
I met Azhar at Leicester in the U19 match and he is one of the nicest and down to earth Pros I have met. He even bowled to my little lad. He has nice action and could be useful on swinging conditions.
We no longer have Shoaib Akhtar.

Our best pace spearhead is Mohammed Aamir. When he is back in a few years he'll need some decent back up and so likes of Junaid and Attari are fine despite their lack of pace.

Aitzaz Cheema et al are showing that in Pakistan bowling slow is the new fast.

By the way Attari mixing it in the company of Aamir, Finn, Harris, Junaid etc shows that he must have something quite special in my book.
Very humble & nice chap. Tall bowler who relies on rhythm, about 70-75mph in 2007 so probably faster now with a few years behind him, very economical too I must add.
Azhar Attari played cricket in the South Yorkshire league this year. Very humble, mild mannered and respectful bloke. great bowler also. bowls a mean yorker. Would love to see him in pakistan colours.
I have met him and he is one of the nicest people I have come across. Looking at the tripe that has been tried and shown to fail, he deserves at least a chance.
I dont understand why attaullah got selected for A side over azhar attari,adil raza, nasir malik, atif jabbar etc
He was in top wicket taker list last year but this year, he has been inconsistant.
i heard mohsin khan saying he is impressed by azhar attari because he hits the deck hard and gets late movement , he said that if he was selector he would select him.
Currently stuck in Sri Lanka due to flight closures.

His video message.

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