Bat Damage


Aug 10, 2009
hey guys, sadly on my inferno 950, theres a dent on the toe, i played a yorker in the nets, n now theres a dent, is this a serious thing? im told t cover it with hockey tape, will try to post pics l8r!!bat dent.JPG
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If you post pictures we will be able to tell to what extent the bat got damaged.

But from my experience I would say its not a big deal and just enjoy your bat bro!
if its just a dent, then it shouldn't affect much. just tape it up with fibre tape. something similar to this
I had a similar crack on my CA, but I just taped it up with a bit of fibre glass tape and now it's fine.
wow.........thats a massive should definetely trash it lol. Na nothin to worry about.
My advice is if you really want it gone is to lift the anti scuff just above where the crack is and then sand it and pull the anti scuff back over. Dont take it completely off..........doesnt make any sense but you you should just take a little bit and inch from the bottom. Then either leave it or wrap it with hockey tape. If you want, I can bring some on friday.