Bat HELP and suggestions!!!


Sep 16, 2013
Hey Guys... I need a help here.... I need to buy a bat and I am thinking to get a laver reserve ultra.... But then I think of Screaming Cat or newbury or may be black cat...

We normally play Twenty20 cricket and we play it on the FLICX. I dunt mind playing with heavy bats as currently I m playing with a bat which is over 3 pounds. Its a tad heavy for me but I still like it. I mostly like pplaying drives and punches and I open the batting. I am not a hooker or puller.

Keeping in my the kind of cricket we play and on the surface we play what profile and what brand of bat would you recommend me to hit some out of the ground and which BAT wud PING the most.

Screaming Cat
Laver Ultra Reserve
Black Cat
Or B3

What bat would suit the best in order to get those drives and punches easily out of boundaries.

Thanks and will wait for your posts and replies.
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35 views but no reply no suggestion.........

People come on you guys are experienced people.... need your knowledge!
Sorry my friend have not used any of those bats ! But ill post here maybe to get more people to comment, generic advise would be pick up those bats before hand if not whats your budget my friend ?
Budget is not a problem but I want something very special. That is why I said the bat should ping as well as any.
If you are looking for a ping straight away without putting too much effort on the bat than my experience says go for CA 15000 LE or 15000 Plus. They have excellent ping from day one.

For Lavers, you need to put atleast 2-3 hours of knocking and 4-5 nets with old ball before you can get the ping you need.

No idea about other brands. Go for the asian brands like CA , SS Gladiator, SS Limited Edition and you will get awesome ping from day 1 !!
Well with these CA's the problem is that the cleft is over dried and wont last long.

Putting in 3-4 hours of knocking and some net sessions is not a problem... but I am not sure how these LAVERS perform... and which of their models would you recommend...

Also I have heard that SCATS are better .... and some of NEWBURYs too.... not sure though ....

if someone knows and owns all of these...
Get a Laver Signature if you can chuck out a grand !! If something goes wrong with that, James will quit making bats :)
Laver PB of mine is shaping out pretty well, but its been just one net session so cant say much !!
Not a massive Newbury fan, have used some friends Newbury and they arn't the best, they have a nice Pick UP but performance something just missing with Newbury that X factor.

Check out these guys they based in the UK and have amazing reviews bit like the UK version of Jason H with cricket bat reviews !
pretty intresting.....

btw how would you guys rate H4L TEMPO??? Where would it stand in comparison to Lavers and you SCATS etc