Best softs you have used?

Cover Drive

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Aug 12, 2009
For me in pads it would be Gray Nicolls Legend pads and in gloves it would be Salix Pod Black.

The pads are very very comfortable indeed same applies for gloves as well.!

How about you guys?
havn't used much stuff so would be my protos test batting gloves and bradbury players bads which were surprisingly comfortable.
of the gloves yes, pads were my friends will post them soon, you will see my fail attempt of covering logos with paint
here they are from India for 900 rs so about $25 AUD


Try not to laugh at the fail paint job and not sure if they are too big (pics)........
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To be honest, I was impressed with the paint job as I believe you did a great job, no BS seriously!

Coming to gloves they look very nice indeed, do they make gloves for any other brands because I think I heard it but can't recall it.
the right hand gloves need a bit of a touch up, Ive heard they do make gloves for other companies or they come out of a big name factory. Quite decent for the price
protos is made by FC Sondhi. so yes they do make for others as well.
Sondhi makes bats for Slazenger. Wouldn't be surprised if they made softs for them as well.
Yes, Sondhi does make soft for Slazenger as well.

In fact, people say FC Sondhi make Puma softs and whoever makes Puma softs make Boom Boom softs because they are very very similar to each other in quality and everything.