Block of concrete / marble for NET Practice


Apr 29, 2008
AssalamoAlaikum/Hello PPers,

In the attached video, Misbah is having a net session using some block of concrete / marble which is greatly increasing the speed of the ball. Can you please tell me what this block is? Where can I get one from? What type of material is used to manufacture it?


By the look of it, it doesnt look like concrete. Theres too much reflection from the sun and concrete is not suppose to have good reflection properties, though i can be wrong.

It looks like a marble slab. It has been used before by the pakistani team. It has been recently used for the 2011 world cup, in which it was described by the indian media to be the 'kale patha ki sazish'.

Here's a link about its use by the Pakistani team in England when woolmer was still coach.
yes it was used in the 2011's mohali semifinal's training session. they showed a video on tv.
These sheets are really really heavy. Unless you have a pitch in your backyard these will be a pain to move for every training.
You mean the 'Kaala Patthar'? It can only be requested from some Bangali baba with certain mysterious powers. :yk