Boom Boom Signature 175 Review


May 18, 2011

AS SOON AS I HELD THE BAT IT FELT AMAZING. THE PICK UP IS REALLY NICE AND THE WEIGHT IS WELL DISTRIBUTED. The bat is around 2.8lbs and has about 7-8 grains i believe. At first i was wondering why the bat didnt have more grains, but then i also started to notice a few blemishes. Its supposed to be a grade A english willow bat and its the top of the line in boom boom bats. I ordered it directly from BOOM BOOM, so i dont know if this is how its supposed to be or not. I compared the bat to the video on youtube, the review for the bat and that bat had about 13 grains and was a bit darker. It was also heavier though.








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Nice bat... how did you order directly from boom boom may i ask
Brilliant bat I must say! I loved it seriously looks awesome. The shape is amazing, looks a bit Icon but middle seem to be touch lower than Icon.

There is no doubt that this isn't Grade 1, bats are graded on performance and looks. So when they are graded on looks they are graded on front looks and in that case the face is clean, has 8 grains etc so it is definitely grade 1, don't worry boy just go and smack the bowlers.

Did you by any chance use it yet?

Can you get me two pictures please? If you can then from top of the handle and bottom of the toe. I would highly appreciate it
More pictures cd bhai

Here are a few more. I'm currently knocking the bat in. I havnt had the chance to use it yet. I'm trying to knock the toe in, but when i use the ball, i feel like a few seam marks are still appearing. how can i get rid of them?


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Seam marks are basically sign of "unknocked" bat I'd say, just knock it a bit more but don't over knock it.

JazakAllah Khair for the pictures :)

So yeah definitely SS made bat :)
Looks an amazing willow, the most meaty of the BB range and used by the beast himself. :afridi
Good stuff Fahad, glad you are enjoying the bat. May you break all the records of your local league :moyo
Need some advice ... been quoted $150 for a BB 4 Star ... naturally I was a bit suss so asked for photos and the guy sent them, bat looks legit, 9+ grains ... to buy or not to buy? :moyo
not sure

im honestly not sure because i know, the grade 2 boom boom bats usually go for $225. The UK brands do atleast. I'm not too sure about the pakistan ones. If its 4 star it may still be nice, if you think it looks legit, post some pictures up! Good luck brotha
Poison mate stick some pictures mate! I'm sure it is Pakistani version.

Fahad bhai, did you use your bat? if so mind telling how is it?

JAzakAllah Khair
Didn't buy it, looked too good to be true so got the AS G200.

And the Boom Boom 5 Star Signature is now stocked at Kingsgrove and is priced at $445 .. not too bad.
signature 175

I used the signature 175 bat that i got, but im still concerned b/c the bat doesnt have a polycoat on it, and its supposed to come with a polycoat. I even knocked the bat in, but its still not pinging that well off the toe, but in the middle it obviously pings. Overall, i havnt had a chance to use it much, but so far its been OKAY. Not satisfied with the bat at all though :/
All Asian bats tend to have a weaker toe so yours is not an exception.

Ah okay Poison :)