Boom Boom Signature 175


May 18, 2011
Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums, but wanted to know, has anyone ordered the boom boom signature 175 from here? If so, what do you guys think of the bat? CAN ANYONE DO A REVIEW FOR THE BAT!? THAT'D B REALLY HELPFUL

I just ordered it, and was pretty psyched about the bat :)
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Welcome to forum bhai! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

I am not sure if anyone over here have seen these latest Signature 175 because the ones we see on forums are 2010 gear mainly and they have changed the shape for 2011. So you are the one who will be first and proud owner of it :D YOu will have to post pictures and review it too! :D

If you don't mind can I ask you what specs you asked for?
I too would like to see a review of the bat. Mate when you get it please do a review including detailed pics and info ect. It would be very much appreciated.
Boom boom

Thanks guys. Its the same signature 175 bat in the boom boom range forum. Is that the same as 2011 range. I actually got it with the help of pakpassion :)