Bowling Help And Needs!!!


Aug 30, 2012
Hello Everyone My Name IS Omer Khan And I Need Help With My Fast Bowling,I Bowl Pretty Fast For My Age But I Want To Know How To Bowl Quicker And Faster,What Do I Have To Do And Also I Bowl With Some Mix Of A Jeff Thomson Action.

So All I Want Is Tips On How To Generate More Force And Speed In My Bowling By Using Techniques,Exercises, And More.
And Help Me On These Main Things.

1.What Is A Hip Drive And How To Do It?
2.How To Snap My Wrist To Get More Speed?
3.How To Have A Good Run Up?
4.Mental Strength?
5.Keeping My Leg Straight?
6.Does Having A Follow Through Add More Pace?
7.How To Bowl Straight And On Target?
8.How To Use My Chest And Back In Fast Bowling?

:akhtar :out
youtube an previous threads and google are your best friends