BS sports


Oct 4, 2012
Salam guys,

I'm going to Pakistan soon inshallah and planning 2 day trips to Sialkot. I've been looking in the internet finding some different options to get cricket equipment from and have come across BS Sports. I've spoken to them and everything is legit and I've seen :yk and :kami use the bats. Anyone had experience with them?
Sorry, I can't help but I'll write this: I initially thought the purpose of this thread was to discuss meaningless sports, because of the choice of the title (which I interpreted as 'Bull*** Sports').
Please pm me and i shall provide contact details of some very good people in Sialkot to cater for your cricketing needs
It won't let me pm me I'm not sure why. I'm on my phone so maybe it's that. Can you message me please
My friend has a bmx 3 and the YK 212 one ! Yes they are wonderful bats, cheaper than other Pak brands and quality willow, if you buy one bat they wont be as friendly but if you buy in bulk they will be happy with you !