CA 15000 plus LE from CA factory and my views about visiting CA


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Aug 21, 2013
On my last visit to Pakistan i went to CA factory in sialkot and bhought 2 CA limited edition. Bats are veryyyy good one of my team mate also was there week before me and bhaught same bat but i did not knew about him before he told me in a match

what i did not liked about CA factory is there service despite u buy there most expensive bat they just are not good with customers like me who just gona buy 1 or 2 bats. Same story with my friend. I wasnt allowed to have grip on bats to check and when they were finished with putting on stickers and grip etc it was heavy for me.

Bats are just AWESOME with almost no effort u can clear boundry easily. I payed 29000rupees for each bat. So if u dont care about service and can play with 2.9+ i strongly recommend bat. My friends bat is 2.11-2.12 but it feels like 2.9

BUT I have decided to visit UK next year to get my custom bat since with traveling from Rawalpindi to Sialkot isnt cheap either its better to visit UK to get good service and bat i want.

I was also in Ihsan factory but they had a small office with just few bats but thye offered me custom made bat if i can early in morning.

Best experience i have from bats factories in Pakistan is MB Malik. Both brothers are very nice. I have twice been there and Zahid Malik is very nice guy his elder brother is even better.




No i did not but he showed me 10 20bats all of them are 2.9 with grip stickers etc. But bats are heavy at all. If u play with CA bats which for some reason i cant and never has either i recomend these bats very strongly. Same with MB LE bats which they stock just for players etc. I have photos from MB CA factory visit of LE bats.

Awesome willow :) What is the lightest model they make. Did you ask ?
I have played with CA 12000 and it was quite heavy for my liking. I will check here in NZ if I can get any dealer who sells CA stuff. Would love to get a hand on one for my new 2013-2014 season.

Most factories are not good with customers who buy 1 bat, they like them who buy in a large quantity.
It's sad !
absolutely superb bats. what do you think is the difference between these and players edition?
Dealing with Ca via email

I gotta agree that the service is not that good from Ca via email. Replys take forever and it's almost like they don't really care if you buy the bat or not. Can't get any pictures of the bats either. However postage is very reasonable and quick and the product is top quality
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They did not had player edition when i visited them. They started player edition after my visit

absolutely superb bats. what do you think is the difference between these and players edition?
If any one planning to buy bat contact Zahid Malik brother of MB Malik owner manager of Sialkot team. Superb service and nice ppl. But do check ur bats before u buy :) U will get better price than CA
In my experience, CA perhaps has one of the worst customer service.

I am also anxious about their ability as to how can they achieve 40 mm edges in 2 lb 8 oz bats by hundreds upon hundreds? This is something that the world's top bat makers can't achieve. Yes, there is an extremely small amount of super light density clefts produced every year at J. S. Wright but those super rare clefts are available only to players like Tendulkar, Clarke, Sanga, Kallis, Smith, Cook, Peterson, Dhoni and I think that's about it. General public or many international players can't get their hands to those clefts.

This is my own theory and I may be wrong but I guess at CA, they may over-dry the willow and then do a very light press (or no press at all) to achieve huge edges in very light weight category to make these expensive bats for general public. There is just not enough of that extremely light willow to produce that many light weight bats with such huge edges and meaty profiles that CA does. And perhaps this is the reason why CA never publishes the moisture content in their high end bats.

I am also skeptical about that little sticker "Fully knocked in" or "Ready to Play" as there are many, many examples where either the toe splits or the edges get a horrible damage within the first net session. And this is where it gets hairy. CA usually does not provide a 12 months warranty on their high end bats that many other top bat makers will do for a £200 bat.

On the positive side, CA bats have play very good for some players and I hope it does it for you too. I suggest that you ignore the "fully knocked in" sticker and perform a few extensive knocking-in sessions to avoid damage to your investment. Like many other high end CA bats, your bats look phenomenal as well.
Good post FB

It would be interesting to see the if the width and height of CA bats are upto the maximum allowed.

I agree with you about the scarcity of low density willow. but if you have a narrower and shorter bat by a few mm that can knock off a few ounces in weight.

you would expect a lower moisture content due to the climatic conditions anyway.

also alot of the asian bats use cork sprung handles that are thin in an attempt to keep the weights down again. The laws say that the width of a full sized bat shall not exceed 108mm.
Best looking bats iv ever seen bar none !

Most if not all bats now with large edges and light pick up are dried CA are not the only one doing it, if you guys have a proxy site for youtube check out most reviews by Its just cricket youtube cricket video they say virtually the same thing about Kookburra, and a most English bats because they are all now made in India. They tend to be gun bats from ball 1 rather than taking a while to open up ! The downside they wont last you as long but for the 1,2,3 seasons you get from the bat it will be beastly
Dear Mr-K can we have Mr Zahid Malik's contact details?

Zahid Malik MB ? I have to check first if he is still using same number. But just call MB factory or even only vist MB factory. Great PPL