Can Pakistan really not chase a 250+ score?


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Mar 10, 2010
So The pitch is looking so flat and as per commentators the pitch will go more flatter and will become cement type pitch ...

Keeping in mind the dew factor ?? can we really cant chase 250+ on this pitch ?? :13:
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Only time will tell but we lose this match by 80+

Afridi 0
Misbah 11
Sharjeel 3
Last 10 matches

Won 0

Lost 10 chasing 250 plus.

That tells you we need to win not only in batting but psychologically.
Flat wicket + mediocre SL attack = we should win the game!

However we tend to bottle things in these postions. We need to get off to a flyer when we come out to bat here!
If we play the pitch and attack and not the situation we can chase this if we start thinking about the scoreboard we will flop

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Can we really Can't Chase ??

We just need to bring back happy memories from UAE and Bradman Hafeez against the SL bowlers. The target is certainly chaseable

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Our team is changed alot in last 2 series and we havent got enough targets to chase last time we chased 225 against lanka with ease :)

Lets see today what our youngster can do
Pak need a good start.

Just keep up with the run rate.

There is no excuse not to chase this score on this wicket, its all about being mentally strong and having good plans to chase it.

Above all strike rotation will be key.
After chasing 300+ in two sessions of test cricket, surely we can chase it in an ODI, especially on this pitch. InshAllah, Pak for the win.
Usually i wont bet on Pak to chase 290+ but today i think they have a solid chance. The pitch is flat, they have required batting depth and confidence they gained from restricting SL to lower than expected total will help them through.

I would say Pak goes in to bat with 50-50 chance and in first 10 overs we will know how the changes in favor of who. All it will require is a solid opening or couple of solid partnerships.
Off course they can, the strategy they use to chase larjish totals is outdated, rather than get ahead of the Run rate in power plays they still use the save wickets Till last 10 overs and wel try chasing 8-10 a over at depth
I would be sad if this is the type of pitches that we'll be seeing throughout the tourney.
According to cricinfo Pakistan have not chased a total of 290 plus since November 2008...
For this game 3 days left ideally SL would like to bat for 5 sessions and put Pakistan under extreme pressure anything over 200 will be tough ask for us
Rarity of Pakistan Chasing win

Hey guys, anyone got the stats on how well Pakistan do chasing a 250+ score against a top 8 team, away? Obviously just from the past 10-15 years.

I didn't quite see the reaction I would have thought after Pakistan won this game. I obviously saw a lot of stuff, but as a Pakistan fan, I genuinely do not remember chasing a score 250+ away against a good team. Unreal play from the team no doubt about it.

the highest score we've had batting second is 344 in 2004 when inzamam hit that hundred... still can't believe we lost that match.

after that our highest score and high successful run chase has come against bangladesh in 2014 when afridi destroyed the hearts of many, many bengali folks. [MENTION=79064]MMHS[/MENTION] he had a knack of doing that quite often, did it before too in 2011 i believe when bangladesh failed to chase 170 odd against us, i remember there being a floodlight failure.

322 versus india in 2007

319 versus india in 2005

311 versus india in 2006

309 versus india in 2008

304 versus england in 2016

that's pretty much it for 300+ chases..

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