Chest Guard

Depends bhai where you playing, over in the UK bowl hardly comes chest high. In Aus it probably comes a lot higher. Back home i dont even think you need a helmet LOL

But learn to play the short bowl, duck or sway what ever your better at, even if your a lower order bat. You might have to wear one or two bruises its not an easy game but a chest guard not necessary gets in the way when your out in the middle for a while, running etc and general flexibility. So maybe buy a cheap 1 really cheap 1 for nets, practice with friends ducking pulling etc. And when your in the middle you should be in good groove not to need one.
The death of a Pakistani cricketer after being hit on the chest is a sad reminder of what we take for granted!

So its important
It depends as Qasim Ali said. When you are playing in countries like ENG, AUS, SA where you usually see hard pitches. There you need to wear chest guards.
Thank You very much for all the comments. What I think is one needs to be a good back foot player in order to survive in cricket. Too bad that in Pakistan there are dead pitches so our players here do not have the art to play back foot shots. Probably that is why that player missed the bouncer which missed his bat and hit his chest causing his death at the spot. Personally I have started working alot on back foot shots and bouncers after hearing out about this incident. All we can do is practice rest is left with the Almighty
chest guards are neccesary in my opinion bcoz a friends father used to play county cricket and was killed due to a ball in his chest and he was a top order batsman. this tells us that however u practice u can be hit by an unexpected delivery.
Brother that is exactly what is said above. Pitches in Uk South Africa and Australia have alot of bounce so chest guard there is a must. But here not so much as bowl barely comes knee high
that is a fact but as in an urdu saying that: ehtiyaat itefaq say behtar hai!