Cricket equipment for a local club


Apr 29, 2008
AssalamoAlaikum / Hello dear PPers,

I have to buy some cricket equipment for the next summer season for my local (read village cricket) club. The club is extremely poor BUT the committee has still decided to buy the most needed cricket equipment which has been worn(torn)-up or broken.

One of our member from New Delhi, India has agreed to buy and bring the stuff for the club during his winter trip. The club's budget is about 110€ without Cricket bat and about 160 € with the Cricket bat, as we got 2 Kookaburra (60 € each) bats last year. Through internet, I have found some options. I have decided to go for Indian manufacturers like SS and SG.

I request all of you to recommend anything you can think of. The required equipment and quantity has also been mentioned. Please comment on all things if possible.

KIT BAG (1 Required)

Search for Ultrapak from - Rs. 1999 or 30 €

HELMET (1 Required)

Search for T20i Select from - Rs. 1059 ~ 16 euros

Gloves (2 Pairs Required)

SG Litevate: Rs. 929 / 14 € per pair
Search for Litevate in

Batting Pads (2 Pairs Required)

SG League Rs. 1049 ~ 16 € / pair
Search for League from

BAT (1 Required)

Search for Cobra Gold from - Rs. 1799 ~ 26.7 € - Rs. 2000 ~ 30 €

NOTE: Kashmir Willow, I think it will do for us as only half of the guys use team bat any way and we already bought two Kookaburras last year. 2 English willow bats and 1 Kashmir willow bat for 6 batsmen, OK by our club standard and economics.

30 (BAT)+ 30 (KIT BAG)+ 16 (HELMET)+ 28(Gloves)+ 32(Pads) =

TOTAL = 136 €