Cricket in Birmingham?


Tape Ball Regular
Mar 11, 2008
I have recently moved to Birmingham due to work commitments and wanted to get back into cricket as I have some spare time to work with. I havent played for 3-4 years now and was wondering if there are any net sessions of some sort near the Edgbaston area.

So any ideas?
I know you can book indoor nets at Edgbaston cricket ground- not sure of prices etc..also try Saltley Leisure centre.
Edgbaston Cricket Ground indoor nets. Play their quite frequently. Very nice place but is busy at the moment for obvious reasons.

It's around £10 for a session I think.
harbourn cricket club is like 5-10 mins away from edgbaston, i played a few games there as a reserve fantastic club you should go on the website and email the selector to find out when the winter indoor nets begin, the sessions are usually at a school in edgbaston where the club hires the hall for indoor nets use.