Custom Made Gray Nicolls Legend


Mar 13, 2010
First I decided to order a custom Gray Nicolls Legend with CD bhai but then I realized it was taking too long and I wasn't sure of Asad's service so I contacted Mapperly for this request who I trust and admire. I was very picky about this particular piece of willow as i needed more than 14 clean grains. After 2 weeks the bat turned out and as soon as I saw it I was just shocked. Once again Mapperly did it for me so I am very thankful to them. I did ask Mapperly to compare this to there other Legends and they did tell me that this is the best one they had so far. I received it yesterday and mallet tested against all my bats including Icon LE, Flare, Luna LE etc. I was surprised that even though the bat is brand new, it pings better than all of my bats.

My specs were 2.8lbs, light pick up, regular profile and nice 14+ clean grains with no heartwood and it turned out exactly what i needed.
Amazing!! I haven't seen this bat yet but my heart says this bat is going to be the best and it is! The face is beautiful as well! As I have said by the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) each and every bat cricketer13 bhai has is amazing!

One thing I must say the pictures this Mapperly Sports guy sends don't justify the bat because in his pictures bat might not look great but when you pick it up and see it in reality you'll be shocked how good it is!

MashAllah your collection continues to grow better and better as each hour goes by :D
Thank you very much for posting pictures of these, cricketer13.

This is a great bat and it looks brilliant!

Did you get a chance to measure the edges?
Very nice looking bat, one of the best lookers along with CDs Oblivion - so many people lately have posted brilliant pics of some great looking bats.
Thanks everyone. It cost me 299 pounds plus 35 pounds shipping via fedex and got it the next day.
Thanks everyone. It cost me 299 pounds plus 35 pounds shipping via fedex and got it the next day.

How do you manage to buy so expensive bats?

Nevertheless this bat is one of the best looking bat I have ever seen aloong your Icon DXM Orignal LE.

Good stuff fella!