Did I hit the bat too hard?


Jun 8, 2012
Hi Guys, tell me where I went wrong.
I oiled the bat with 3 coats of linseeed oil on the face and edges, one coat on the back, used a hard wood bat mallet for the face and edges , also used a old cricket ball to see if any seam mark appear. there were no seams marks,
the photos show small cracks on the face, is that because I knocked in the bat to hard or Oiled it too much or is it just the quality of the bat? for future purposes should I start knocking with a ball mallet instead of the wood mallet because it is softer.

should I use some sand paper to buff it out or is this normal during knocking in process, the ping on the bat is beautiful no problem in performance, dont like the idea of putting a face tape but I will if I need to, any suggestions.


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bro, did u borrow hubble tele lenses to click these?

make them smaller plz- hard to see anything!
Yeah that was my HTC with a carl zeiss hubble lens ,
have a look now hopefully it is clearer now.


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u did nothing wrong.

the way bat is. maybe overdried cleft of willow.

who did you buy it from and how much?

If bought for a lot of money I would contact company.

Otherwise I would put a fibre sheet and then knock it in softly first and then hard.

The sheet would keep it tight.

good luck bro!