"Different" Celebrations Following a Wicket


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Jun 1, 2001
We've seen some different celebrations over the years and today we saw one from Sreesanth, but are there any particular celebrations that you really enjoyed/thought were over the top and uneccessary after a wicket was taken?


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All celebrations in IPL are over the top, and maybe they are instructed to do so
I find it funny and sad for the folks that try to make IPL look bad but know everything about it....
Best celebration everrr
Shoaib Akhtar running with his arms spread is one of my faves, off the top of my head Monty Panesar is very irritating when he takes a wicket.
Akhtar because it usually followed a toe crushing yorker/cartwheeling stump of a top order batsman

Tahir (obviously)
Afridi. does it all the time. started actively disliking it when he once bowled a rank full toss that the batsman mishit and was caught brilliantly at long off. the team ran to congratulate/celebrate with the fielder but had to turn around and run towards the bowler instead because prima donna afridi was looking skyward instead of giving props to the fielder
:nehra had a good one during '03 world cup. Remember trying to emulate it when I played gully cricket :yk

Ah good old days!
Sreesanth & Afridi's celebrations both say the same thing = "Look at me. I'm great"

Sorry, I'm not a fan of either.

Sreesanth was bowling quite well I thought, and I expect him to take some wickets this series. Good to see he has dropped the little ritual he used to go through before every ball he bowls. What the hell was that about, anyway?
Waqar Younus's bowling action for a fierce and lethal pacer, and his celebration was top notch.
Sadly I am not a great fan of Waqar as a captain, coach and a commentator.
From the sprinners, I think John Emburey had the best action. It was as simple as could ever get yet he was difficult to put away.
Kia kehtay ho Kamran Wasti sahib?
Shoaib Akhtar and Waqar Younis used to get pretty pumped up.

Imran Khan had a very simple, dignified way to celebrate a wicket.

Chris Gayle is obviously entertaining always.

Just shout at that Kohli, simple as that

and who can forget?

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JKs crouch, scream and fist pump.
Warne always had some good ones.

Razzaq always celebrates a wicket as if he is more surprised he got the wicket than anyone in the ground.
I've noticed Brett Lee's 'chainsaw' has been picked up by a few other players.

Not that I am a big fan of it ....


I quite like some on the West Indian celebrations ..... Was it Pollard who ran towards the crowd last night and did his little dance? Quite funny I thought..
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Sreesanth's celebration that Saj was talking about, if anyone wants the link. What a joke

Some of my favt bowler's celebration are

Brett Lee's jump in the air with foot tapping

Brett Lee's fist pumping

Allan Donald's Aeroplane (which was later used heavily by Akhter)

Paul Adams's acrobatic/gymnastic andarbalti

Waqar's Fist Pumping/Raising
Has anyone seen Vinod Kambli's celebration after taking catches???
After taking catch he used to throw the ball in the air and used to shoot the ball using his fingers.
That used to be a freaking celebration in old days.
Do anyone have video of Vinod Kambli's celebration?
Junaid screams like a banshee to be honest.

I loved west Indian celebrations. Especially, Ambrose. Dang he was awesome!
How about the expression on Mohammad Irfan's face watching the other guys jump up, or be raised up by other team members, trying to reach and give him double-handed high fives ?
Tuned in to the BPL for the first time today and the Rajshahi Kings are doing this ridiculous selfie celebration. Looked ok the first time but doing it for every single wicket is a tad cringeworthy.
Tuned in to the BPL for the first time today and the Rajshahi Kings are doing this ridiculous selfie celebration. Looked ok the first time but doing it for every single wicket is a tad cringeworthy.

Totti did it better. :yk

Junaid's roar
Amir's arms and index finger spread (miss it)
Yasir's fist and dive