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Jun 1, 2001
1) You live in Kuwait - how did you end up in the Middle East? What do you like about where you live...?

Well, to start at the beginning, I have lived in Kuwait for all the 14 years for my life. My grandfather moved from Pakistan to Kuwait when he was around 30 years of age and has been living here ever since, which makes it around about 50 years in Kuwait! My father has also lived a lot of his life in Kuwait, and after living in Pakistan for a month after my birth, I also permanently moved to Kuwait. I will probably stay here until I graduate and then we will see. There are plenty of things I like about the people – the tranquility, my friends, the temperature (I hate cold weather!), and the things to do here.

2)What do you think about the education system in Kuwait?

Without sounding biased, I think it’s brilliant. It is an organized structure which is easy to follow, and you can learn it quickly, as well. The education system isn’t the same throughout Kuwait so I guess it is because of my school that my education is where it is at today.

3) Have you ever visited Pakistan? If yes then what were some things that you liked and things that you didn't like?

I have visited Pakistan several times and have found it to be a great country. Some things I liked about the country in general were the people, the places to see, and the buzz around the country in general. Some of the things that I did NOT fancy were the air pollution and me getting food poisoning.

4) I have been in Kuwait for a while and found that Kuwaitis are very discriminating. Why is that? Do you have any Kuwaiti in your friends circle?

You are completely correct in your assertion. Why? I have no clue. Kuwaitis tend to hang out with Kuwaitis, watch their backs, etc and show utter dislike to people of other nations/cultures. I do NOT have one of them in my friends circle. I do not wish to generalize ALL Kuwaitis though; some of them are completely different.

5) Do you ever get to see the life of immigrant Pakistanis/or Kuwaitis in the Mid-East who are living in poverty, or are you very much removed from this aspect of Kuwaiti life being the Nawab that you are

On the contrary Oxy, I am far from being a nawab! I am aware of their lives and I wish there was some way to help them, but I am just a child, and can’t do anything! They are stuck doing all the crap jobs in society and it really is unfair. Not removed from it at all, I’m afraid, I see it every day!

6) If you had to identify a single root cause for the biggest problems in Pakistan (i.e. Poverty, Corruption) what would it be and how do you think the country needs to go about fixing it

I’d say illiteracy. If someone does not know how to read and write, they will find it immensely difficult to get a job and earn enough for their family. A while ago, there were rumors going around that Musharraf saab proposed the idea of free literacy institutions. What happened to that?

7) I understand that even at the age of 14 you play some high level cricket matches in Kuwait so moving forward would you be interested in playing first class cricket?

Pray for me and one day I might solve our opening issues. Seriously though, I would love to and am aiming to get accepted to a university in England so I might be able to fulfill my dream.

8) Easa Bhai: I am really impressed by your maturity at 14 !! Are you so level headed in your normal life as well ? Cannot imagine a 14 yr old being so balanced in his views ( and I speak as father of a 13 yrd old !) - whats the secret ?

Must be genes being passed on by my grandfather. He tends to be very balanced in his views and pretty organized – quite like me. I am two-faced in real life, at times I am serious, at times I get quite excited!

9) What has Shahid Afridi done that other players haven't to merit a place in the Pakistan team over the past year?

If we are talking about Test matches here, Afridi has definitely earned his spot in the side. He was dropped after 3 poor innings in England; let me repeat that, 3! Before he was dropped for Rao Iftikhar in Sri Lanka, he was going all guns blazing and on top of the world. He was scoring runs at an average of well over 40, taking wickets, and contributing to our team spirit. Afridi in my eyes is a confidence player. You HAVE to insert confidence in him, it’s the single most decisive factor in him succeeding and failing.

10) What were your thoughts when Afridi was caught 'dancing' in Faisalabad (2005)?

To be honest, I was very disappointed. He was wrong in doing such a thing and I am not going to back up his actions at all. But he received a ban, honored it, and has moved on. It was pretty funny, though.

11) Do you own loads or Afridi posters or even an Afridi action man figure?

I only have two posters on the wall, at the moment, and one of them is of Afridi. The other one is of Brian Lara. If such an action figure existed, I’d be the first one to buy it!

12) Does any aspect of Afridi's violent personality manifest in your own? As a batsman can you be defined as a beast?

I am not violent at all in real life, and am not as much of a beast as Afridi is. As a batsman, I tend to be more sedate and then open up towards the end of the innings. Nothing like Afridi, whose violent brain simply forces him to hit out from the first ball! (Insert evil smiley face here).

13) What would be your ideal opening combination in test matches?

Salman Butt and Imran Farhat. I like the idea of two left handed openers at the top and Butt deserves a recall to the side after his brilliant form in Pakistan domestic cricket. Farhat has nothing wrong with his technique; he just has to get his head in gear.

14) Who is your favourite non-Pakistani player and why?

Brian Charles Lara. He is just too good to watch and is also a brilliant ambassador for the game of cricket.

15) If "someone special" comes to watch you for first time on cricketing field, what cricketing stunt would you love to do in order to impress her?

Get Tendulkar run out in an international match, after making a one handed stop at backward point.

16) Are you only 14 !?! You've missed a lot of Pak cricket; if you could go back and witness one era of Pak cricket, which would it be?

It would have to be the 80’s. Plenty of great players in that era that would have been a treat to watch and our team was generally very good during this decade. I would have loved to see those infamous battles with the Windies in the late 80’s, they really sound like something else!

17) If Inzi wins us the WC 2007, will he be regarded as much as a great as Imran Khan? if yes then Why?

Yes, no doubt. The World Cup is the main thing in Pakistan cricket and in 30 years of international ODI cricket, we have won one and that was when Imran was in charge. If we win now, Inzamam should be considered as great as well. That is because it will be an immense achievement to win the world cup and if we do if without Asif/Shoaib, it will be an even greater achievement!

18) How'd you end up here at PP? And, what do you do?

I randomly bumped into the site during the SN days, and registered as Predator2. I, however, did not make any posts, only read the posts of others and was pretty interested. I then forgot about if for a while but then joined again in August 2005, after a tip from a friend. Was a great decision to join and start posting. I am a student at the American School of Kuwait.

19) If there is one thing you can change about this site, what would it be?

The inclusion of signature banners. I think it makes the overall site look professional and good and as far as the complaints about how it will make the site slow – restrictions can be posed to make is okay for everyone associated with PP.

20) What advice would you give to the so called adults and experts on PP who despite being many years older than you act so childish and jump the ship soon as things get tough or are not to their liking? E.g.favourite player over the team success / Negative ‘wrist-slitting’ mentality etc?

I find that kind of mentality disgusting. The most hilarious example of this was during the Karachi test of 2006, when we had slipped to 0/3 against India. I remember everybody shouting at the players, demanding that Younis and Moyo be dropped, cursing the Pakistan team, etc.

A few of the only people that were still behind the team were me, Oxy, and Hash, just to name a few. And guess what happened? We triumphed by 341 runs against a hapless Indian side. My advice would be that if you are going to support Pakistan, support them with your heart and soul.

21) If you had to pick 5 PakPassioners to get stranded on a tropical island with for the rest of your life, who would they be and why?

That is a toughie and after careful consideration…

Oxy – make me laugh, the optimism would also help me on a stranded tropical island.

Hash – against an eternal optimist, would also keep me entertained with his remarks.

MIG – tell me stories about how things used to be in the 30’s!

Raz – tell me beastly stories, keep me thoroughly entertained with his funny stories!

DM – he’d somehow find a way to get his hands on some cricket vids!

22) What makes PP different from other forums?

The quality of posters and the general discussion. Also, the moderation teams on PP are superb. They make sure things don’t go out of hand, and ban people who are trolling the place.

23) Do you feel that younger posters get unfairly targeted on PP because of their age?

It does happen. For instance, at times certain people don’t agree with what I have to say and that is of course acceptable. But what is not acceptable is that they then call me a ‘kid’ as if that has to do with anything.

24) Who are your favorite posters on PP?

I like and respect a lot of posters on PP, but these would be my top 5:


25) Are you religious? If so, what do you think will fix the current animosity between so defined 'Christian West' and 'Muslim Middle East'?

The problem definitely lies within the media. If we can keep that in check, that will be one less problem to solve. I am not overly religious but I try my hardest to do what my religion has told me to do.

26) What's the best thing you like about yourself? Why?

I’d have to say my personality. Most people would know me as an easy going, friendly, relaxed, laid back kind of guy and that is how I want to be.

27) Do you like any Indian personality? If yes ,then who and Why?

Priyanka Chopra. A cookie for anyone who can guess why.

28) Do you think man will be able to land on Mars?

No. Technology is progressing by the passing day but somehow it just does not seem to me that it will happen.

29) Which is the question you are glad nobody asked? Please answer the question as well.

Political questions. Not a guy too entrenched with politics.

30) If you were James Bond, who would be your Bond girl be and what special gadget and car would you take on your mission?

The girl could be one of Priyanka Chopra/Elisha Cuthbert and the car would be a Lamborgini Murcelago. As for the gadget, is their any gadget that will make me look older?

31) You are pretty young but do you have any idea what you want to study? What are your career ambitions? Where do you see yourself in 10 or 15 years time?

I want to study engineering and my ideal university would be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). See myself with a nice job and a lovely family (inshallah)!

32) How important is it to show obedience to your parents and do you think it is wrong to question them, specially when you think they are wrong?

Very important. They are the people who bring you up as you are a child and they are the ones you should most respect. Not right to question them, unless its something which goes completely against your beliefs.

Sorry for the delay in answering the questions but I have been quite busy lately. Thanks very much for the questions!