Faisalabad Wolves v Karachi Dolphins | Group B | FB Super 8 T20 | Faisalabad |28/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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Dec 29, 2008
crunch time, virtual quarterfinals now!

:fw :kd
Karachi Dolphins won the toss and elected to bat
Time for the Dolphins to have there heads ripped off in a bloody mess and get stomped on!

Go wolves! :)
2 semi finalists of the Faysal Bank T20 will be decided today from Group B. Basically whoever wins their respective game today i.e. Faisalabad Wolves vs. Karachi Dolphins & Rawalpindi Rams vs. Multan Tigers will progress to the final 4. It’s all to play for. Do or die situation. I predict Faisalabad & Rawalpindi will make the semis by the end of today. The news from the middle is Karachi Dolphins have won the toss and are batting first in today’s first game.
Hafeez the lullo is due some runs after two goldies in 1st two games!
miscued cut over cover, jsut over the fielders head, 2 for Shehzaiv.

flashed hard and slip could barely get a hand to it.
Mohammad Talha pareshan hain...kahan bowl karein Shahzaib Hassan ko!

:))) :)))

Carnage time! :hamster:

33 runs off of 12 balls!
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