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Dec 14, 2008
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So the big day for domestic T20 cricket in England is here.

1St match: Sussex v Yorkshire, starting 10:00 GMT

2nd match: Hampshire v Somerset, starting 13:30 GMT

The final will start 17: 45 GMT.

Just one question to start with: Is Abdur Rehman going to play for Somerset?
Hope it does not rain again like yesterday & no Rehman WON'T play for Somerset.

Supporting Hampshire today.
rehman not playing ............

hope yorkshire and hampshire make clt20 :afridi
First game to start in about 9 minutes. Quite a lot of cricket games on today:

2 SLPL games.
4 FLT20 games.
1 test match.
1 ODI.
The winner will meat the Stallions :malik

yep should be nice ... btw afridi is in hampshire squad but didnt play game does it mean if hampshire qualify for CL he can play for them ?
Last year there was CricketHD who offered a free HD stream for the day.

I was at Edgbaston watching it live though :p
Very impressed by Azim Rafiq and Moin Ashraf looks to be able to bowl yorkers at will.

Might be getting a bit ahead of myself but these two could be a part of englands t20 squads in a few years.
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6 balls 6 yorkers all on the money. Top stuff from Ashraf.

A bit on the slow side but hes still young.
Wow its an afternoon match and yet it gets so much crowd!

Thumbs down to slpl. I find FLT20 more interesting :)
Yorkshire first time in semis , first time in final and first time in CLT20
Congrats .......... :dav

MashaAllah sajdah by ashraf
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4 overs none for 31, sounds terrible but hes bowled brilliantly. Terriffic!

Bumble talking about Ashraf.
A very impressive looking somerset batting line up batting first against hampshire.

Levi and kieswetter opening!
This David Miller is some hitter.

He's hit 3 sixes into the river taff.

Really surprised that he hasn't made the South Africa T20 world cup squad.
Bresnan trying to be a hero, should rather give Miller the strike. He's smoking it!
What a great innings by Miller!
Has made the last 10 overs really exiting. 14 from 6 req.
2 off it, 14 needed from the last over but Bresnan on strike.
No tie on finals day this time, last year we had 2 of them in SF iirc. Right time for a tie ;-)
Jeez should've rather looked to get a single, a run missed but Miller is on strike now.
10 runs from last 2 overs, excellent bowling. Yorkshire looked all set to win until a great penultimate over.
Good effort by David Miller yesterday. I was 100% sure he will pull it off comfortably the way he was batting, but made a few mistakes in the last two overs like giving the other batsmen the strike. Still, he single-handedly did it all:19:.

Congratulations to Hampshire:19:! Well done:14:!
Besides, it is quite ridiculous to hold the semi-finals as well as the final on the same day:boom:. It can be mental fatigue for the viewers.