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Feb 10, 2011
When was the first time you got hit by a cricket ball? How did it feel? Where did it hit you?
When was the first time you got hit by a cricket ball? How did it feel? Where did it hit you?

When I was 10 I think ... was wicket keeping to a fast bowler (happened to be my uncle); missed the ball while catching and got it right in the middle of my stomach .... memory serves me well, for some seconds lost the ability to breathe & fell down like a statue pushed from the cliff :))

Lesson learnt well and since then I always keep my eyes on the ball ... and never kept wickets again to cricket ball :D
first time i can rememer was when trying to pull a fast bowler (at the time being 9) and got hit in the stomach got winded for a while
i got hit full on, on the face, were practicing in the nets, my old helmet broke and needed to buy a new one, i forgot to bring wallet that day so couldnt buy it, thought might aswell just practice one day without it, lolz, not the best day to go without it now that i look back at it... i can play without helmet, just prefer to have it on, anywho, was batting and i played a leg glance and the ball was by my feet, went on to pass the ball back to the bowler, and get back into my stance, meanwhile the next guy to bowl had already done his runup and delivered, when i looked up i was a deer staring into headlights, i had a split second to only decide whether i wana take it on the nose or on the side, i decided the side, it hit my meaty part of the cheek area, however the pressure/impact of the hit caused a ripple effect on the skin and the pressure was released just close to the right side of the upper lip which busted open big, and i was bleeding profusely, needed 7-8 stitches to close that football of a lip... take a month to go back to normal size...

many a times on the stomach, thighs, back etc, not a prob, suck it up, main thing is not being a wuss, dont be afraid of it, the more afraid you are of the ball the more its gonna hurt...
The batsman hit right back to me and I faded! Guess where it hit me! Yeah ur right! OVER THERE! The SOFT part! :)
ahhh first time is really really old story may be on thei finger while catching with my brother good 20 years ago I am 27 now.

But first real hit was during I was setting the field and some of our close fielders were throwing new shiny cherry to the wicket keeper I raise my hand to point a fielder on the boundary and one of them thought that I am asking for the ball and there was me on the ground with seam printed in brown and blue on my chest. I still remember it was difficult for me to sleep at night because it was hurting even when I breath it was when I was 13 or 14 playing an under 15 match.

I remember being hit many times before on hands and few times on my crown jewels as well even while keeping :D
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I was hit in the nuts 3/4 times but I was lucky because I was playing with tennis ball wrapped in tape...:>

But that time it hurt me so much that I almost fainted because of the pain...:43:

Once I got hit in the fingers while trying to defend a short ball(leather ball) but didn't feel to much pain after shaking my wrist 4/5 times..:10:.
The first time I was hit was in my younger days..I was waiting outside the nets all padded up waiting my turn....the batsman hit the ball like a rocket and it hit me flush in the lower Abdomen...a tear rolled down my eyes before I realised that I was wearing an Abdomen guard!! When I checked there was a big crack on the Abdomen guard...Moral of the Story...Always use Protection Brothers!!! :p
got hit on the back leg playing a slowish medium pacer without pads on. not fun. :(
got hit in the chest felt like a punch it winded me for about a minute or 2. Didn't enjoy it. :(
you have to be confident and when playing a really quick bowler, you dont have to be the most talented batsmen but with a little self belief not only will you get runs but you wont get hit. You have to be fearless!
I got hit by a cricket bat once fielding at Short Leg.

Batsmen chipped ball high in the sky but then then when I was about to catch it, The batsmen tried to hit the ball again like double hit style and it broke my nose.

Let's say, I got my revenge.
Before the first match of the season. We were practicing and a tall fast bowler(with fast I mean really fast),who says he is just 15(I am 13) and he bowled a bumper and I took the eyes of the ball and had it right in the tummy! There was a sort of red mark over there for some days. Anyways I have had it on my thighs,tummy,hand,fingers but never really pained much.I always play without thigh pads and sometimes the ball swings back in took knock your thigh off.
Lessons learnt-Never get scared of the ball.the more scared you are,the more it hurts.
(It also hurts when it hits the tip of the fingers while fielding.)