GM Icon DXM Original L.E Academy


Jul 12, 2012
Hello Guys,

This is probably my first thread on this board and the need arose because I am thinking about getting myself a new cricket bat.

I already have Kookaburra blade 750 and Mids ZH power. Now I have my eyes on GM Icon. However I am a little confused about the size. On their website, GM claims that they have developed a new size bat which they call 'academy' for the shorter batsmen (Height between 5.6" - 5.9") and I fall in similar height category (5.6" to be precise).

So here is a catch. The prices of these academy bats are significantly lesser then that of normal bats. You can see it here for yourself:

Now my question is, do any of you have an idea how is the performance of these academy sized bats which are slightly shorter as compared to normal bats? And do you think this new size will really help a short height batsman like me?

I have been using normal sized bats for my entire life and had no problems with them. But the main attraction here is the price label. I mean I don't mind slight alteration in size If the bat plays as good as normal GM Icon.

So If anybody has any previous experiences with academy bats or has contacts with some bat maker, please advise.

Your help shall be highly appreciated.
The academy bat size is between the harrow and Short handle bat sizes. It is equivalent to the Small Mens size in Australia. As far as I know, performance wise there isn't much difference, its just that its basically somewhere between a senior and junior bat. I currently use a kookaburra in small mens size and it performs well.