Golden Advice for Muslim's In UK

Saeed Anwar-194

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Aug 26, 2005

As you are aware, the Prophet (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam), had a burning desire to invite humanity towards Islam. Despite 13 years of untiring effort in Makkatul-Mukarramah and 7 years in Madinatul-Munawwarah, there was no large scale movement of non-Muslims into Islam. Between 7 AH and 10 AH, which is the period after Fath-Makkah until the Prophet's demise, there was such an influx of people entering the ranks of Islam that was not witnessed in the preceding 20 years.

Imam Zuhri (rahmatullahi-alayh), an eminent Muhaddith and Tabii, expressed surprise on this sea change, with so many people embracing Islam in a matter of just 3 years. Along with other distinguished Muhaddith he has commented that this was due to non-Muslims having had an opportunity for the first time, to observe and intermingle with Muslims, witness their honesty, fair dealing, compassion and sole reliance on Almighty Allah. This left such a deep and profound impression on non-Muslims that thousands entered into the fold of Islam within a relatively short period of time.

This incident also contains abundant lessons on how Muslims should live in this country. Their conduct should be sublime and captivating. Whosoever should see us should accept Islam. Whosoever sits with us should be inclined towards Islam. There should be no need to convince anyone to accept the Truth.

Therefore, in this country if you wish to live peacefully and have an opportunity to present Islam to the host community, you will need to inculcate and manifest sterling qualities, not just inside the Mosques but also outside in the streets, in the markets, in your daily activities, and at home. A life of Taqwa will immediately attract non-Muslims towards Islam.

As an ordinary student of Islam it is my religious responsibility to warn you. If you do not lead an upright life, if you continue to live an insular lifestyle, and if you fail to manifest the beauty of Islam to non-Muslims, then you face some real dangers. In such a case, there is no reason for you to feel content and secure in this country.

If ever the fire of race, religion or nationalism rages here you will not be saved. In Spain there were Mosques a hundred times more beautiful than yours. So do not feel content and self-satisfied. As an ordinary student of religion I would wish to express my joy and happiness at this wonderful new Mosque. But what words shall I use to congratulate you?

Others may not speak to you as plainly, but remember the glorious Masjid-e-Cordova. It still stands in Spain. Iqbal, Poet of the East, so eloquently reminisces the great legacy of Islamic Spain in his famous poem Masjid-e-Qurtaba. In Islamic Spain, there were such brilliant Mosques, celebrated Madrasahs, famous scholars like Shaykh-ul-Akbar, Ibnu-Hazm, Qurtubi, Shatbi - and how many others shall I mention? However, when the flames of religious sectarianism raged then the Mosques and Madrasahs became deserted. Once, Islamic Spain boasted such magnificent structures, distinguished educational centres, refined culture and society. Regrettably, the Muslims, despite such a high standard of living, did not draw the non-Muslims of that country to see the Truth of Islam, to warn them of the dangers of disbelief, with the result that ensuing religious violence subsequently consumed them like a morsel. The Arabs with their glowing history, architectural splendour and vast oceans of knowledge, were displaced from the country. Today, unfortunately, the ears eagerly wait to hear the Azaan and the empty Mosques thirst for the Salah.

My dear brothers, you must earn your recognition in this country. You should earn your place and leave an imprint on the host community of your value and significance. You must show your exemplary conduct is far nobler than that of other people. You must impart on them the lessons of humanity. You should demonstrate such commitment and noble virtues that impress on people that there cannot be found more upright humans elsewhere besides you. You need to establish your worth, showing what blessing and mercy you are for the country.

If however you decide to live in an enclosed environment simply content with your Prayers and Fasting, apathetic to the people and society you live in, never introducing them to the high Islamic values and your own personal qualities, then beware lest any religious or sectarian violence flares up. In such a situation, you will not find safety or protection.

I pray to Almighty Allah my prediction is totally unfounded. But remember, you are guests here. Your Tabligh, Mosques, Madrasahs, Ibadah and religious sacrifices are all worthy of commendation. May Almighty Allah grant you Barakah. But do not forget to earn your place in this country. Gain proficiency of the national language and use it to effectively propagate Islam. Prepare writers and orators to convey the message of Islam. Although you will distance yourself from their religion, do not distance yourself from them. Establish your credibility to the extent that if you are entrusted with onerous responsibilities, as was Prophet Yusuf (alayhis-salam), you do not shirk but embrace all challenges wholeheartedly.

You will have to present a new pattern of life to this country. You will not earn recognition by exerting yourselves in the workplace. If you overwork you will looked upon disparagingly and be likened to horses and bulls. In fact, you will be labelled as money-making machines. However, if you can show to the people here that you are worshippers of Almighty Allah and not wealth, you do not bow before power but only before virtue, you are humans and think like humans, you are concerned not only about yourselves but also about others; and you are compassionate about your own children as well as theirs, that you are earnestly concerned about the path of destruction they have chosen for themselves, you will then earn their respect. They will begin to respect Islam and become desirous of studying it. They will ask you for literature concerning Islamic beliefs and practices and an opportunity will arise here for you to promote Islam.

On the other hand, if you remain preoccupied in eating and working, engaged in Prayers, remaining indifferent to what is happening in the country, insulated within the Muslim community, totally apathetic to what is happening outside, which direction the country is taking - in such a situation if there is trouble you will not be able to save yourselves.

I have been meaning to convey and accentuate this message to you as I do not know whether I will be able visit you again in the future. You gathered here with love and affection and therefore it was easy for me to convey. As a student of religion it would have been convenient for me to recommend the virtues of reciting various Zikr or prescribe certain Wazifahs but you may not have had an opportunity of listening to the message I have just conveyed from anyone else.

Please strengthen your position in this country. Earn your recognition. Do not be like a straw or crop that is uprooted by a mere breeze. You should be so firm that not even a hurricane is able to displace you. Display such noble character that you attract the hearts of the people. See then how these people will stand up to defend you. If there is the slightest hostility towards you, they will be the first ones to argue on your behalf and argue what a blessing you are for them.

May Almighty Allah grant us the ability to understand what is right; may He bless and protect you. Aameen
Very good sermon, if only Mohammad Siddique Khan and his friends had read it. I totally agree with Sheikh Nadwi here. The Prime Minister changed, did we take any notice, Cash for Honours Inquiry, did we take any notice? Recent rain and flooding, did they ruffle us into even a discussion? Are we really interested in this country? Are we not cocooned in our own problems? The sermon was delivered quarter of a century ago, have we changed our way of life? Are we not doing cash in hand jobs, claiming benefits, building big houses back home? Our religious life, does not it show the most violent, repugnant and intolerant version of Islam? Don't we try to engage non-Muslims by only trying to prove their belief wrong and ours right instead of making our beliefs more attractive through our actions as advised by the Sheikh? Very good post indeed, jazak Allah.
This sermon reflects my thoughts on Islam and how we should live as Muslims 100%. This should be a sticky but that's not up to me. Till then, let's keep it alive. Please read the sermon and discuss its merits or (if you find any) short-comings.
mamoo gogo said:
Can you tell me a bit more about SHAIKH ABUL HASAN ALI AN-NADWI?

Apparently he wrote Qasas al Anbia (The Stories of Prophets) but the above address is more famous than anything else he has done and rightly so. 25 years ago he could foresee the challenges that we are facing now and still his recommended solutions are very relevant.
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i would say this is golden advice for muslims living anywhere in the west...not just UK...i usually don't listen to the hate that mullahs love to propagate, but this guy seems to be quite an englightened individual in both a spiritually and worldly sense...
mamoo gogo said:
Can you tell me a bit more about SHAIKH ABUL HASAN ALI AN-NADWI?
He was one of the most famous students of Shibli Numani, the famous 19th century Indian scholar. And from these words its easy to tell the difference between a real scholar and half baked mullahs.
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Mercenary said:
great post from a great guy saying great things.

Hey Merc, is there any chance we could make this post a 'Sticky' because it reflects the religious ideals of many of us who believe in simple decency and tolerance (the so-called sharabis, zaanis, or even more simply put, the 'moderate Muslims')
mamoo gogo said:
Can you tell me a bit more about SHAIKH ABUL HASAN ALI AN-NADWI?

Here is a brief biography of the late Shaykh(rah)

Born: 6th Moharam ul Haram 1333 H (1914 AD) at Takia Kalan (Daira Shah Alamullah) Raibareily

Education: His education was started by his mother with teaching of Holy Quran and then formal education of Arabic and Urdu was started.

When he was nine years old, his father Hakim Syed Abdul Hai died. (1923 AD). The responsibility of his education then came to his mother and his elder bother Maulana Hakim Syed Abdul Ali Hasani, who was himself a medical student (after graduation from Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama and Darul Uloom Deoband).

He began his formal Arabic education under the guidance of Allama Khalil Arab in 1424 A.D. factually he completed his Arabic studies under him.

1926 He got admission in Nadwatul Ulama. He attended the Dars of Hadith by Allama Muhaddith Haider Husain Khan and Sahiyen-Sanana-Abudaud and Sanan-Tirmzee word by word from him.

1926 Session of Nadwatul Ulama of Kanpur. Maulana attended and impressed the one and all by his Arabic conversation. The Arab guest made him their companion on the tour of the city as a guide.

1927 He took admission in Lucknow university. He obtained the degree of Fazil from the university.

He studied the select Urdu literature which helped him in his Dawah work.

1927-30 He learnt English language which helped him to study English books on various Islamic topics and gain useful information directly.

He received the teaching in the commentary (Tafseer) in selected surah from his Sheikh Maulana Khalil Ahsan and studied the complete Tafseer of Al-Quran at Lahore in 1932 by Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahoree.

In 1932 he also stayed few months at Darul Uloom Deoband where he took lessons from Shiekhul Islam Mualana Husain Ahmed Madni in Sanan Trimzi and Sahih Bukhari. He also took advantage of his stay and learnt commentary and Quranic science and subjects. He also took lesson in Fiqah from Shiek Aizaz Ali and in Tajweed as per the reference of hafs from Qari Ashgahr Ali Sahib

Literary Work and Dawah Life

1931 Wrote first article on Syed Ahmad Shaheed at the age of 17 years, which was published in the journal Al-Manar edited by Syed Rashid Raza of Egypt

1934 he was appointed as a teacher in Nadwatul Ulama. He taught Tafseer, Hadith, Arabic literature, History and Logic.

1938 His first book the life history of Syed Ahmad Shaheed was published which became popular amongst the Deeni and Dawah circles.

1939 He journeyed to acquaint himself with the centers of Islamic importance in India in which he met Maulana Shiekh Abdul Qadir Raipuri and the great reformer Maulana Mohammed Ilyas Kandhlawi and kept a continues contact with them and obtained spiritual training from the former and following the later, learnt the Dawah work and the work for reformation of Muslims.

He undertook many journeys for it and continued such journeys for quite sometime.

He was invited by Jamia Millia in 1942 to where he delivered a lecture which was later published by the title of "Deen-wo-Mazhab"

1943 established an Association by the name of ‘Anjuman Taleemat-e-Deen’ and delivered Lectures on Tafseer and sunnah which became very popular particularly in Modern educated persons and persons in Govt. service.

1945 Was selected as a member on the administrative council of Nadwatul Ulama.

1951 He was proposed as deputy Director Education Nadwatul Ulama by Allama Syed Sulaiman Nadwi and was appointed and after the death of Allama Syed Sulaiman Nadwi, he was made the Director of education in 1954.

1951 He founded his famous movement Payam-e-Insaniyat

1955 Editor - The journal Al-Baas (Arabic)

1959 Founded Academy of Islamic Research and Publications

1959 Editor - The journal Al-Raid (Arabic)

1961 After the death of his brother Dr. Abdul Ali Hasani, he was appointed the General Secretary of Nadwatul Ulama.

He was appointed by AMU to recast the BA course on Islamics

In 1963 he delivered many lectures in Jamia Islamia Madina Munawara which were published by the name of "Al Nabuwatu wal-anbiya-o-fee zauil-Quran"

1963 Editor in chief of Nida-e-Millet

1963 Advisor - Urdu journal ‘Tameer-e-hayat’

1968 He was invited by education minister of Saudi Arabia to participate in the critical study of the curriculum and system of the department of Sharia. He delivered many lectures in Riyadh University and Department of teaching

He was in the editorial board of the Arabic Journal "Al-Zia" of Nadwatul Ulama in 1932 and the Urdu journal Al-Nawa 1940 and published a Urdu Journal Tameer in 1948 and took the responsibility of editorial of a journal from Damascus in 1959.

He was the chief controller of all the above papers which were published from Nadwa


1935 He travelled to Bombay to invite Mr. Ambedkar, the schedule caste leader, to accept Islam

1939 The first distant journey. He met Ulama and elites. He met Dr. Sir Mohmmed Iqbal. He had already translated a few of Dr. Iqbal’s poem in Arabic prose.

1939 Travelled to acquaint himself to Islamic Centres in India

1947 Travelled to perform Hajj - He stayed for a few months at Hijaz. This was his first ever trip to a foreign land.

1951 Travelled to Egypt. Where his book ‘Maza Khasral Aalam Binhitat Ulmuslmin’ had already become popular and was a means of his introduction in the elite.

In the same journey he travelled to Palestine he visited Baitul Muqqadus and saw ‘Madinatul Khaleel’ and ‘Baitul laham’ In return he met King of Jordan Shah Abdullah.

1963 He travelled to Europe and visited Geneva, London, Paris Cambridge, Oxford and important elites of Spain. He met many a Arab and western professors and delivered many lectures.

1965 He visited Turkey for the first time. He visited Kuwait and other Gulf countries time again. He travelled to Afghanistan, Iran and Lebanon with the delegation of WML.

1976 Travelled to far west (Algiers)

1977 first journey to America.

1985 Trip to Belgium

1987 Trip to Malaysia

1990 Travelled to Burma

1993 Second trip to America

1993 Samarkand and Tashkent

Honours and Awards:

1956 Visiting member of Arabic Academy Damascus

1962 The first inaugural session and foundation of World Muslim League in Mekkah Mukarama in which His Royal Highness the King of Saudi Arabia Saud Bin Abdul Aziz and head of Libyan Idress Samosi was present Hazrat Maulana performed the duties of secretary at that session.

1963 At the inauguration and foundation of Madina University Madina Munawara, he was made the member of the advisory council and remained as member till the administration was changed.

Foundation member of the League of Islamic Universities.

1980 Member of Arabic Academy of Jordan

1980 King Faisal Award

1980 Chairman of Islamic Centre Oxford.

1981 Kashmir University awarded Honorary Degree of Ph.D.

1984 Adab Islamic -Inauguration and appointed as Chairman

1999 was awarded the ‘The personality of the year’ award by UAE for which a special plane was sent for the Shiekh to take him to Dubai and bring him back also.

1999 Sultan Brunei Award by Oxford Islamic Center on his work of ‘Tareekh Dawat-o-Azeemat’
Joseph K. said:
This sermon reflects my thoughts on Islam and how we should live as Muslims 100%. This should be a sticky but that's not up to me. Till then, let's keep it alive. Please read the sermon and discuss its merits or (if you find any) short-comings.

i would say we should have this framed and hung up in every masjid in uk.
Aurangzeb said:
i would say this is golden advice for muslims living anywhere in the west...not just UK...i usually don't listen to the hate that mullahs love to propagate, but this guy seems to be quite an englightened individual in both a spiritually and worldly sense...

i agree.
Very impressive credentials. Here we have a real aalim, so very different from the judgmental maniacs who have hijacked Islam.
Joseph K. said:
Hey Merc, is there any chance we could make this post a 'Sticky' because it reflects the religious ideals of many of us who believe in simple decency and tolerance (the so-called sharabis, zaanis, or even more simply put, the 'moderate Muslims')
Masha'Allah great advice from one of the best scholars of the last century.
Good bump.. and a very good read indeed.

Very applicable even 27 years on.
MashALLAH!! Great advices indeed

JazakALLAH Khair to the OP for posting this. I wonder where is he now. He seems to be a good poster MashALLAH
OP post from one of his thread. I did not want to bump that thread as it was quite old

His post:
Just come back from the markaz and saqlain gave a speech there Masha'Allah he has truly changed and has alot of fiqr for the akhirat.
he mentioned that Mohammad Yousaf done dawah among hes family and community and over 400 people have been guided to Islam because of hes effort Alhumdulilah.
he urged everyone to follow Islam and become ambassadors for Islam and spread the message of this beutifull deen to the whole mankind.

MashALLAH what a person he is
Reminder of this great advice by Shaykh Abul Hassan Nadwi (rah).